How long Does Monopoly Take? (For 2,3,4,5,6 Players to Play)

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Monopoly is a bit long duration game and you may want to know the average time required to play the game.

In this post, I will cover in detail about how long does Monopoly take considering playing with 2,3,4,5,6 player, and more facts you need to know.

How long Does Monopoly Take

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How long Does the Monopoly Game take?

It takes around 2-5 minutes to set up the Monopoly game. It takes 120-180 minutes to play the game on average. It can take even more time. If only two players are involved, the average time for a game is 45 minutes.

With four players, it takes 90 minutes on average. Usually, with the rising number of players, the time starts increasing. 

About Monopoly Game

The Monopoly game is a board game, and the game’s theme is Economics. Players buy and trade properties in this bard game by rolling the dice. They move around the board and collect rents, pay rents, and aim to drive their opponents into bankruptcy.

Different Monopoly tokens, Each Representing a player
Different Monopoly tokens, Each Representing a player. You can select a token to play the game.

If anyone is caught as a criminal, they are sent to jail or fined. This is how the game operates. There are multiple complex rules governing the game.

There also exist various versions of the game. It is also available for kids of age 8+ in the Monopoly junior version.

The history of the Monopoly game traces back to 1903, when Lizzie Magie, an American anti-monopolist, created the game to explain Henry George’s single-tax theory. Later it evolved into a popular entertaining board game played across the globe.

How long is Monopoly’s longest game ever?

Monopoly’s longest game lasted for 1680 hours, and as a matter of fact, it was continuously played for 70 days. Here are some of the notable records of the Monopoly game:

  • The longest monopoly game played underground – 100 hours
  • Longest Monopoly game played in a bathtub – 99 hours
  • Longest Monopoly game played upside down – 36 hours
  • Longest Monopoly game ever played in a treehouse – 286 hours

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Why does Monopoly take so long?

Monopoly is an extremely intricate game. The players have to pay it according to several house rules. One wrong move can put the players in jail and lead to heavy fines.

Hurrying to finish is not a part of the Monopoly game. Another reason Monopoly takes so long is the unofficial rules that are not part of the traditional game.

If more than three players are participating, the game will continue longer. Monopoly is not about time limits. Instead, it is a mind game where winning is the ultimate aim.

Some games of Monopoly, especially those developed during the Depression, can even continue forever. 

What is the shortest game of Monopoly ever played?

The shortest possible game of Monopoly lasts only 21 seconds. The professor at Notre Dame University invented the shortest possible game of Monopoly that ended with only 9 rolls of the dice. The name of the professor was Dan Myers. 

Does the duration of the Game depend on the Number of Players?

The game of Monopoly ends when all the players except for one go bankrupt. As per this rule, the more players, the more time it will take for them to go bankrupt.

Adding more players will automatically extend the time taken for the game. The game turns even more exciting when more players are involved because it takes plenty of time to turn each one into a bankrupt.

More competitions enhance the enthusiasm for winning but also extend the time. 

Factors that decide the Duration of Monopoly Game

The basic and the most important factor determining the game duration is the number of players. As already described, the game ends when all but one member is left to be bankrupt.

A greater number of players means greater competition and longer game duration. Another crucial factor in Monopoly’s time is obedience to the rules.

If the players follow all the official and unofficial rules of the Monopoly game, it takes ample time to finish the game. 

How to play Monopoly Game Faster?

There are several ways to play Monopoly faster. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Using proper house rules is one of the best ways to speed up the Monopoly game. If all the players follow the correct house rules without any cheating or breach of rules, the game ends faster. The rules have been devised in a way to make the game easier.
  • Use the Short Game House Rules: Certain monopoly rules are categorized as short game house rules. These rules can help you finish the monopoly session within 30 minutes. The short game rules are a modified version of the common house rules. They were exclusively designed to speed up the game’s completion, especially when too many players were involved. 
  • Use J Myers 21 seconds Monopoly game rule. This one has been discussed before. However, this game pattern is practically impossible to achieve. 
  • Set Time Limits: It is usually better to set time limits for the game before the onset. This is helpful in multiple ways. Monopoly games can continue for hours if not played properly. For example, you can set the time limit to one hour, and the game will automatically speed up. It is a good idea to stay alert with the time limits to help you finish the game fast.
  • Speed Die: The speed die was first introduced in the Monopoly Mega Edtion. But it is now a standard element of almost all the games. This can help to finish the game fast and also facilitate easy wins.
  • If you are truly running out of time, try playing monopoly speed. This is a version of Monopoly which was released in 2009. In this game, each player plays simultaneously instead of waiting for their turn one after the other. The whole game of Monopoly speed can be finished in 10 minutes. 

How long does a 2 person Monopoly game take?

The average time of a Monopoly game is 45 minutes when two players are involved. When two players are involved, the game ends when either player becomes bankrupt.

It usually does not take much time. The Monopoly game takes the least time when only two players are involved. The average time calculated depends on how far the players keep up with the true rules of the game. 

How long does Monopoly take to play with 3 players?

Monopoly is usually not played with three players. An even number of players makes the game better and easy to play. There is one such rule that bars an odd number of players from playing the game.

But, it is customary to play with an even number of players. A monopoly game with 2 players usually takes 45 minutes, and with 4 players, it takes around 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

So ideally, a 3-player game of Monopoly should take around 45 to 60 minutes. It depends on the Monopoly version being played and which rules are followed for the game. 

How long does Monopoly take to play with 4 players?

It takes almost 90 minutes to complete a Monopoly game with 4 players. The Monopoly game with four players is usually the best. Neither it becomes too lengthy nor too complex.

The four-member combinations are the most functional. The game will come to an end when 3 out of the four players will become bankrupt, and only one player will be left on the board.

Depending on players’ expertise and the Monopoly version’s complexity, the game can take even more than 90 minutes. 

How long does a game of Monopoly last with 5 players?

It takes 90 minutes to complete a Monopoly game with 4 players. The game can be completed faster if you follow the techniques and tricks mentioned above.

As usual, the game involving four or more players will take 90 minutes or more. 60-90 minutes is the average time duration for Monopoly games. With increasing payer numbers, the time they consumed increases. 

How long does a Monopoly game take with 6 players?

A game involving 6 players will take more than 90 minutes. It can be finished within 120 minutes or 2 hours if the players are seasoned and know about the rules of the game.

When the player strength is higher (greater than 4), various speed-saving techniques like the 21-second monopoly game technique can be used to hasten the game.

It is quite challenging to win a 6-player game in Monopoly because the results will be clear only after 5 members are defeated, or they go bankrupt. It takes a long time for 5 members to go bankrupt.


Let’s conclude the post on how long Does Monopoly takes!

So, next time when you play you will take sufficient time with you or you can also finish the game in a time-limited game format. This format does not require the game to end.

However, the game would end after a certain time, and then you can calculate the net worth of each person in the game to declare the winner.

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