How to Play Monopoly Faster? (2023)

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Are you tired of long, drawn-out games of Monopoly that seem to never end? Do you want to speed up your game and have more fun?

Read on to learn how to play Monopoly faster and make the most of your time. By following these tips and strategies, you can keep the game moving and avoid common pitfalls that slow down play.

Whether you are a seasoned Monopoly player or just starting out, these techniques will help you enjoy the game more and have a more exciting and engaging experience.

How to play Monopoly Faster

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How to Play Monopoly Faster?

Here are several ways you can play Monopoly Faster:

1. Adding a Time Limit to Decide the Winner

One of the most inconvenient parts of playing Monopoly is that it can continue for infinity. The best way to prevent this is to add a time limit.

It is always better to start the game by setting a time limit. For example, the players can decide that the game will continue for an hour. 

You can use a watch or a mobile phone timer for ease. In Monopoly(Classic), the core idea is to make the other players bankrupt before they can drive you. The player who drives the others bankrupt at the fastest wins the game. That time has a major role to play in Monopoly. 

Sometimes, the game gets so complex that it becomes more than difficult to end. The best way to avoid such situations is to fix time limits. While playing Monopoly in time limits, the richest player at the end of the prefixed time duration wins the game.

When the timer buzzes, the value of the cash, buildings, and other acquisitions of the players will be counted. The one with the highest cash wins the game. 

2. Playing using Faster Rules with a Headstart as per Official Rule

Hasbro conducted a study a few years back to check whether the official monopoly rules are followed during the game.

To a surprise, around 6% of global monopoly players seem to avoid following the real rules of Monopoly. It was indeed a shocking revelation.

Players tend to drift away from following the official rules of Monopoly because it is time-consuming and yields lesser cash value.

Not following the right rules while playing Monopoly takes so long to complete. Monopoly’s house rules are often misinterpreted, leading to greater time consumption.

Let us have a look at the two most-commonly mistaken rules that leads to delays in the game. 

  • Property Auction Rule: When a player lands on any property they don’t want to buy, by conventional rules, the property immediately passes for auction, where all the players can bid for it, and the highest bidder buys the property. This rule greatly enhances the speed of Monopoly because, in this way, all the property gets managed easily. Unfortunately, most people do not follow this property auction rule. As a result, the players keep passing the Monopoly board, but the property does not get passed. Every time a property is not bought, it takes ample time to settle that property. If the property auction rule is followed property, the game gets settled easily. 
  • Free Parking Rule: Free Parking rule helps players to win cash and the game faster. Free parking space is a rest space with no other role. Unofficial free parking rules that are not a part of the official Monopoly house rules drag the game longer. This leads to every player winning more cash, making it harder for any player to go bankrupt. So, the game takes longer to get finished. 

3. Playing Speed Die Version

Speed Die was not an inherent part of the Monopoly game. Instead, it was added much later. The first time it was used was in the Monopoly Mega Edition. Now, it has become a part of almost all other versions.

Including a third die, also known as the speed die, enhances the game’s speed. The speed die features a numbering of 1-3.

On two sides of the game, there is Mr. Monopoly, and on the third side, there is a bus. Players need to roll the speed die with two other regular dice when they want to use the speed die. 

Roll Mr. Monopoly

When a player rolls Mr.Monopoly on the speed die, they can move to an unowned property, and if they don’t want to buy the same, the property passes to the auction.

If all the properties are owned, the player can land in an unmortgaged property that any opponent owns. 

Roll 1,2,3

When players roll 1,2, or 3, the score adds to their total. When rolling a speed die, players cannot count doubles. Instead, they can get a triple.

The probabilities are rolling triple 1, triple 2, or triple 3. This helps the player move to the desired board space and roll again.

Roll Bus

When the players roll a bus using a speed die, they can choose any option – either a combination of two regular Monopoly dice or only one at a time.

So, the player can either have a bus move them to eight spaces in the normal course or choose a combination of three and five spaces if that is more convenient for the player. 

With speed die version, it becomes easier to help the players move any unowned property, which automatically speeds up the game. The players can choose the moves they want, which would automatically help them speed up the game. 

4. Completing With Minimum Turns By Luck in 21 seconds

This is a typical method of completing a Monopoly game in 21 seconds, but it is practically impossible to practice. Daniel J Mayers, a sociology professor at Notre Dame University, discovered the method.

Random players do not achieve the process because the methodology is extremely difficult. With a particular set and sequence of moves, it is possible to end the game of monopoly unjust 21 seconds, and you can be the winner. You can check out a detailed move plan for this game.

The set sequence for rolls, chance, community chest, and cards will help end the game within 21 seconds. This is also the minimum recorded time for playing the monopoly game. 

Why does playing Monopoly take so long?

Monopoly usually consumes more time than expected when the players don’t stick to the official house rules and indulge in using scrupulous unofficial house rules to increase their profits and cash benefits.

When more players are involved in the game, it may take more time than usual, but with the right rules being followed, Monopoly will end in a considerable time, at least not to bore people who are either playing or watching the game. 

What rules should I add to Monopoly to make the game go faster?

There is no need to add any additional rules in Monopoly. The most potent way to end monopoly faster is to follow the house rules. When all the players follow only the official house rules, the game automatically ends faster.

This is the best way to deal with the Monopoly game. The original classic monopoly game has been devised in the best possible way to make the game end within a fixed time, adhering to the same rules will help to end the game faster.

Players can also use some ethical features like using the speed die to end the game faster and make playing easier and quick. 

What is the minimum time recorded to win a Monopoly Game?

The shortest possible monopoly game time has been recorded at 21 seconds. This strategy is not always theoretically possible. The strategy was developed by Daniel.J.Mayers, a sociology professor at Notre Dame University.

Many players across the globe try to win the game through this process, but most of the time, it either fails or consumes more time. 


In conclusion, there are several strategies and techniques that can help you play Monopoly faster and avoid common pitfalls that slow down the game.

By following these tips, you can keep the game moving and have more fun.

Some key strategies include adding a time limit to the game, using the official faster rules with a headstart, playing the speed die version, and avoiding unnecessary trading and negotiation.

By implementing these strategies and staying focused on the game, you can have a more exciting and engaging experience with Monopoly.

Whether you are a seasoned Monopoly player or just starting out, these techniques will help you make the most of your time and enjoy the game more.

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