Monopoly Man Vs Pringles Man: Differences

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Monopoly Man is the popular mascot of the famous Monopoly game whereas Pringles Man is a popular Mascot and the face of the popular potato crisp brand Pringles. They both are different characters.

These Mascots are often compared due to the similar presence of a rounded face and a beard appearance.

In this post, I will discuss the comparison of Monopoly Man vs Pringles Man and would help you to know more about them.

Monopoly Man Vs Pringles Man

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Monopoly Man vs Pringles Man

Monopoly Man Pringles Man
Brand Mascot Monopoly Game Pringles Potato crisps
Moustache White Moustache Thick Brown Moustache and Now updated to Thick Black Moustache
Monocle Does not have a Monocle Does not have Monocle
Face Shape Round Rounder and wider than Monopoly Man
Skin Color Fair Skin color Pure white skin color
Wearing Tie Wears Bow Tie Used to wear bow ties but in the latest pringles man from 2020 there is no bow tie present.
Face Expression Monopoly Man looks always happy with a subtle smile Pringles Man has several different expressions with different variants of their product lineup. Some are with happy expressions,  Some look like expressions after eating too chilly.

About Monopoly Man

Monopoly Man is one of the most iconic and well-known characters in the world of Monopoly. 

This dapper gentleman has been a staple of the Monopoly game for generations, and his image is instantly recognizable. 

Interestingly, the Monopoly Man was based on the real-life businessman J.P. Morgan.

Morgan was one of the most powerful bankers of his day, and his image was used to convey the idea of wealth and success.

About Pringles Man

When you think of Pringles, you probably think of their iconic commercials featuring Pringles Man. But who is the Pringles Man?

The Pringles Man is an advertising icon that represents the Pringles brand.

He was created in 1968 by George A. Daly, an advertising executive at Procter & Gamble. 

The Pringles Man is a cartoon character who has a large, bald head and wears a tight-fitting blue suit.

The Pringles Man is one of the most recognized advertising icons in the world, and he has helped make Pringles one of the most popular snack brands in the world. 

If you’re a fan of Pringles, then you owe a lot to the Pringles Man!

Major Differences between Monopoly Man and Pringles Man

1. Represent different Brand

Monopoly Man represents the Monopoly Game brand by Hasbro whereas Pringles Man represents the Brand Pringles.

2. Mascot Size Difference

Monopoly Man represents full body mascot whereas Pringles Man only shows only his face in their packs.

3. Moustache Differences

They both have mustaches. However, if you look at Monopoly man he has a white Moustache.

However, on the other hand, the Pringle man has a thick black mustache.

The black Moustache in Pringles man has black color from the 2020 upgraded design.

Before that, it had a brown thick mustache. [Source]

4. Face Expression Difference

Monopoly Man has a constant happy expression on his face. Even the pringles have happy expressions. 

But, you can also see more expression out of Pringles man in their different product ranges.

Similarities Between Monopoly Man and Pringles Man

1. Similar Rounded Face Shape

Both the Monopoly man and the Pringles man have the same rounded face shape. However, Pringle’s man face looks wider on the sides.

So, it’s more oval-shaped than a rounded shape.

2. Both do not have any monocles

For Monopoly Man and Pringles Man, both do not have any monocle in them.

People often confuse them with Mr. Peanut’s mascot who has a monocle.

Is the Monopoly Man the same as the Pringle man?

Monopoly Man and Pringles Man are different. The Monopoly Man’s real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags whereas the Pringle man’s real name is Julius Pringles.

Also, the brands they represent as Mascots are different.

Monopoly Man vs Pringle Man FAQ

Q. Does the Monopoly Man Have a Monocle?

Monopoly Man does not have a Monocle. None of the Monopoly Man mascots in earlier days had any monocle with them.

Q. Did the Pringles Man have a Monocle?

Pringles Man does not have a monocle. Even if we look into their mascot design from 1967-current there is not any presence of a monocle.

Q. Does the Monopoly Man own Pringles?

Monopoly Man does not own Pringles. Pringles is a brand owned by Kellogg.


Let’s conclude the post on Monopoly Man vs Pringles Man!

Though they are different, they both are great mascots and everyone can identify the brands looking at them.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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