Do teethers expire? How often to replace them? (Answered!)

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Teethers are a great tool for kids when they want to chew on something. You can get ones made out of food-grade silicone that will not be harmful to your baby.

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Do teethers expire?

No, Teethers do not expire, and they do not have an expiry date on them. However, they get worse after long use because they can build up bacteria and germs over time if not correctly taken care of.

All you need to do to ensure a child’s safety is keep an eye on the condition of the teether and throw it away if it becomes old or looks like it has been gnawed on too many times.

do teethers expire

What is a Teether?

Teethers are toys or objects used by babies to soothe their wounds or gums when they are teething.

Teethers are usually made out of rubber, silicone, or plastic. 

You can freeze teethers so that they can cool down the baby’s gums.

There are many teethers on the market, but some of the most popular ones include Sophie the Giraffe, Munch Mitt, and Soothie Penguin.

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Do teethers go bad?

Most teethers are made of silicone, durable material, but they still can go bad. Teethers can last for a long time and are safe to use for babies, but their shelf life depends on the material they’re made of.

Most teethers are made of silicone or hard plastic, which can last long if they’re not exposed to sunlight or steam.

In addition, they should be cleaned quickly after use and cooled between uses.

Some signs indicate that a teether has gone bad. 

  • If the teether has a strange color or scent, or a strange texture, then it’s best to throw it away. 
  • When it’s brittle or cracked, or if it gives off a strange smell, then it’s time to toss it as well. 

How often should teethers be replaced?

The frequency of replacing a teether depends on how clean you keep it and if you wash it regularly or not. 

A teether can easily last and work well for 1-2 years without any issue. You need to wash and keep it clean every time. 

Tips for Using Teethers

A few tips for using teethers:

  1. Make sure it is the right size and shape for your child’s mouth and existing teeth.
  2. After washing, let it air dry before returning it to your child.
  3. If you give them a wooden teether, check it over every once to ensure that the baby hasn’t chipped it.
  4. Always supervise your baby while using a teether to ensure they don’t start playing with them like toys instead.
  5. If your child is sick, throw away their Teether and buy them a new one.
  6. Clean your tethers regularly to ensure that your baby’s mouth is germ-free.
  7. If you have more than one child, try to keep the teeth separate, so there isn’t any risk of germs from one mouth to another. 

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Let’s conclude the post on if teethers do expire.

So, while there is no expiration date on teethers, they do have a shelf life. This means that they will eventually go bad and become unusable. 

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