Can you put baby teether in the freezer?

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Parents with teething babies are always looking for ways to relieve their suffering.

The cold can help with teething pain, but sometimes finding the right teether can be difficult.

Parents might be tempted to try putting teethers in the freezer, but is this a good idea?

It is a very common question to the parents: Can you put baby teethers in the freezer?

I will cover in-depth in this guide to solve all your questions related to freezing teethers.

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Can you put the baby teether in the freezer? 

Yes. Put a teether in a zip lock bag, seal the bag and freeze it for 20 minutes. The cold from the frozen teether will numb your baby’s gums, letting the baby chew as long as it likes without causing any pain. The cold will also help reduce inflammation and swelling that results from teething.

Can you put baby teethers in the freezer

Can you put silicone teethers in the freezer?  

Silicone teethers are flexible and can be used in the freezer.

These types of teethers are great for babies who don’t like to have their hands held or prefer something that stays in their mouths because silicone is soft enough that it won’t hurt them when they bite down aggressively.

The same rules apply to silicon teethers as plastic ones: don’t put them in the freezer if they’re made of materials that will warp or crack.

Why shouldn’t you freeze Teethers? 

Most teethers cannot safely be frozen. Plastic and silicone teething toys will not survive the process without cracking or warping.

If a plastic teether works for your baby, make sure it’s labeled as “freezer safe” (there shouldn’t be any warnings otherwise) and give it to her while still somewhat warm – it will be cold enough to numb her gums but not so cold that it hurts her.

Are frozen Teethers safe? 

Freezing a teether that is made of non-toxic materials is completely safe.

Just make sure that you don’t put the frozen teether in the baby’s mouth right away and thaw it for a few minutes in cold water before giving it to your baby.

This will prevent the teether from having too much moisture when you first give it to them.

Are teethers supposed to be frozen? 

No, you can use a teether without freezing it.

But the cold from the frozen teether will numb your baby’s gums enough that your baby won’t feel pain while chewing on it.

Teether that can be frozen:

  • Plastic Teethers:  A plastic teether is a toy that babies can chew on to soothe their gums while developing their teeth. The teether will help them when they are teething, on top of being a fun toy.
  • Silicone Teethers: Silicone teethers are the ideal toy for a teething baby. Because they are made with a material that is soft and flexible. The popularity of silicone teethers is only increasing as more and more families discover the benefits of silicone teething toys and silicone teething necklaces for their teething babies.

Are frozen teethers bad for babies? 

No, the cold from a frozen teether is safe for the baby and will numb her gums enough to feel pain while chewing on it.


Let’s conclude the post on if you can put baby teethers in the freezer.

With this knowledge, we hope that you can keep your baby’s gums and teeth healthy while they are teething.

So what are you waiting for? Get some baby teethers and put them in the freezer today!

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