Cool Sand vs Kinetic Sand: Are there any differences?

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If you want to know the comparison between Cool Sand vs Kinetic Sand, then this is the right post.

When you’re looking for fun summer toys for the kids, you’re probably wondering about the differences between kinetic sand and cool sand. 

Maybe you’re already familiar with kinetic sand, and you’re just looking for something new.

You may also be wondering if cool sand has all the same benefits as kinetic sand. 

Both kinetic sand and cool sand are made from the same sand and 2% mixture.

There are no chemical or artificial additives, so they are safe for kids and adults to play with.

Let’s get started!

Cool Sand vs Kinetic Sand

Cool Sand Kinetic Sand
Ingredients 98% Sand and 2% Polymer Wax 98% Sand and 2% polydimethylsiloxane 
Drying Out Does not Dry Out Does not Dry Out
Gluten-Free Yes Yes
Softness Soft Softer than Cool Sand
Multi Color Yes, available in multiple colors Yes, available in multiple colors
Suitable for Age Group 3 years and up 3 years and up
Mess-Free Yes Yes
Cool Sand vs Kinetic Sand

What is Cool Sand?

Cool Sand is unique, patented Sand that never dries out. It comes in various colors and is a great activity to keep you and your kids entertained for hours! It is soft, never dries out, and is safe to use as a sandbox alternative. Cool Sand is made of 98% natural sand and 2% polymer wax. 

It is a great sensory product that can also help with hand and eye coordination.

The high-quality material creates smooth sand molds and never sticks to your hands.

It is 100% non-toxic, Gluten-free, and you can use it for kids of age three and above.

The Sand is non-toxic, and you can use it indoors and outdoors.

The Sand never dries out, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

What is Kinetic Sand?

The Kinetic Sand is a toy that is available in the market which is made of 98% of Sand, 2% of polydimethylsiloxane, and a small amount of water.

The toy provides an exciting experience to the kids as it is made of Sand but will not stick to their hands. Kinetic Sand is also used for sand art and for creating sculptures like sandcastles, houses, and more.

The Sand is also available in different colors and kids love playing with it.

The Kinetic Sand is very soft and moldable, and it sticks together when you shape it.

The Sand is designed to stick to itself, so it doesn’t need glue.

It comes in various colors and is sold in a plastic container. Kinetic Sand is easy to clean up and does not leave a residue even if you use it on your carpet.

Is cool Sand the same as kinetic Sand?

From the outside, in terms of looks, Cool Sand looks the same as Kinetic Sand. Also, the feel of the Cool Sand is similar to Kinetic Sand. 

These are similar in terms of being a great moldable and non-toxic safe toys for kids to play with. 

Cool Sand vs Kinetic Sand: Which is better?

I like the molding sets available with the quantity of Cool Sand or Kinetic Sand you buy.

You can even choose the set design according to what you would like to create.

I like the adventure build design sets from cool Sand, and they are very entertaining.

Other than that, the Castle design sets from Kinetic Sand are also good. 

I like the quality of Kinetic Sand very much, but cool Sand is also perfect, and kinetic Sand may feel stickier as compared to cool Sand.

My View

In terms of Quality and Usability, I found both the Kinetic Sand and Magic sand are very similar.

If I need to choose one, I will go for the one available at a better deal, preferably Kinetic Sand.

Here are some excellent Kinetic Sand Options you can look at:

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Here are some of the Cool Sand Options which you can check:

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Let’s conclude the post on Cool Sand vs Kinetic Sand.

Whether you choose Cool Sand or Kinetic Sand, you will create extraordinary sand sculptures with your kids, and it would be very fun too.

If you are looking to know another type of Sand which is moon sand, you can check the comparison of Kinetic Sand vs Moon Sand.

I hope you liked reading the post.

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