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Walmart is one of the favorite go-to places for buying kid’s products. You can avail of some fantastic discounts even for premium kid’s products like diapers at Walmart.

Walmart is a well-known brand, and one of its main benefits to buyers is its fantastic return policy. Walmart offers diapers at reasonable prices and is a favorite destination for parents, especially if they plan to buy diapers in bulk and stock them for the season.

The Walmart clearance sale is a fantastic time to buy and hoard diapers because of the numerous steal deals. 

If you have bought a diaper from Walmart recently and trying to return/exchange that then in this guide you will find all the answers to your questions.

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Let’s get started to explore the Policies of Diaper exchange and return at Walmart!

Can you return Diapers to Walmart?

Diapers can be returned to Walmart, in unopened condition within 90 days of purchase if the return policies are met. Once returned you will get refund in your original payment method.

In the section below, I will discuss more on the returning procedure and the policies.

How To Return Diapers To Walmart?

You can return diapers at Walmart if you follow the exchange guidelines. For the unopened diaper packs, they refund the whole money, while for the opened diaper packs, they have different policies.

Though most of the merchandise from Walmart cannot be returned or exchanged within ninety days of purchase, the diapers follow different rules.

Diaper packs or unopened diaper boxes can be returned. The refund occurs in the original payment mode when diaper packs are returned in unopened boxes.

For the opened diaper packs, Walmart does not exchange the opened diaper packs due to obvious health reasons. Whenever a diaper is opened, the sanitization seal of the diaper pack is disrupted, after which they become vulnerable to getting spoiled.

These diapers can no longer be used because of health parameters, so Walmart does not accept them in any form. 

Walmart Diaper Exchange and Return Policy

For Opened Diaper

Opened diaper packs are no longer sterile and unfit for further usage. Whenever the diaper pack seal is broken, the diaper content within no longer remains sterile. This pack can no longer be sold to any other customer. There are two factors to consider in this regard:

The Federal and State health safety and regulations department bars the sale of opened diaper packs. The resale of broken packs of diapers is prohibited under all circumstances by the health department.

No supermarket or standard retailer can attempt to do it. This is a severe risk to any child who would use the product.

The revenue department will levy a fine on Walmart if they are found to sell broken packages of diapers to any customer. Walmart will lose revenue if it sells opened diaper packs to customers or exchanges them. So, they do not accept broken diaper packs. 

For Unopened Diaper

Walmart refunds the money for unopened diapers. All you have to do is retain and produce the receipts. You can get the diapers that you want to exchange of the diapers that you had got if you retain the proper receipt and you visit the stores during the dedicated exchange and return hours. 

If Walmart sells a defective diaper pack, the rules of not exchanging opened ones will not apply. The customer can receive a refund for the pack if they do not cross the ninety days deadline, which is fundamental for almost Walmart products.

In some cases, the store manager’s discretion makes all the difference in whether a defective diaper pack will be considered defective. 

For any defective product, the discretion of the store is quite fundamental in Walmart. The best way not to waste your time is always to call up the store from where you got the diapers and ask for their return policies.

When refused by one store, you can approach a different store because some store managers perceive the situation differently and may agree to consider the product as defective and help in exchange or refund.

However, that should comply with Walmart’s standard refund and exchange policies.

Does Walmart Let you Return Diapers without a Receipt?

Most people retain the bills, but there are a lot of people who don’t retain the bill after the purchase. It is also not uncommon for shoppers to throw the bills in the trash can after purchase.

However, there are situations where you need to exchange products you don’t have a bill for.

When returning or exchanging diapers at Walmart, you must prove that you bought them from Walmart. It can quickly be done with the bills, but if you don’t have the receipt, you must have the barcode stocker at the diaper pack.

There is no need for a receipt for diapers worth more than $25; the barcode receipt can do it for you. A valid receipt is essential for diapers that cost more than $25.

When returning the diapers, Walmart usually wants the customers to exchange the diapers for a different size and not refund the money in cash.

If you are a regular customer of Walmart, you must know that Walmart gift cards are applicable for items with a higher cost.

There may be chances that some charter frauds the store for the gift card. If you don’t retain the bill, you may have to produce some photo identification proof. 

Walmart is also famous for online shopping. Many customers have a dilemma regarding how they can return diapers bought online. In this case, you have to upload the diaper purchase receipt in the Walmart app that you used for the purchase.

They will send a barcode for return and exchange. The customer has to carry this confirmation email to the Walmart store along with the unopened diaper pack and return or exchange the diapers.

Also, you can mail the receipt with a request to return the diaper. The deadline for returning or exchanging in case of online purchase is also 90 days.

Also, the location should be within a permissible shipping destination for the exchange of diapers purchased online. At Walmart, diaper exchange occurs only for the same products in different sizes. That is the only permissible exchange provision available.

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