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Uno is one of the leading card games – a favorite of many and played by millions. But is it that easy that even the novice can win? Well, the answer is No.

You cannot win UNO just by luck. You can become a better Uno player and increase your odds of winning. As a game appreciate and a player, it is best to keep learning all the strategies to play Uno.

If you are a pro-Uno player, you must have already known about the rules of the games, but if you are not, it is time to know more about the Uno strategies.

UNO Strategies

Let’s get started! 

UNO Strategies

Winning the game of Uno is a matter of excellent practice. It depends mainly on the selection of the right cards.

If you can apply the game strategies appropriately at the right time, you can increase your odds of winning. Of course, luck will not always be by your side, so you have to learn the tricks. 

Here are the strategies to Play and win UNO as below:

Card Counting

Counting your cards can be one of the best moves to win Uno. By counting cards, you can keep track of the cards that have been played and the ones that are waiting to be played.

When you have the right track of the Uno cards, you can expect which cards will be played in order. Pay greater attention to the cards, and always keep count.

Also, when you know everything about your cards, you can grab every opportunity when someone else outs down the card of the same color. When you can follow the pattern well, you will know which color codes to quit. So, the first strategy is to check your cards and always stay alert about your cards. 

Getting Rid of Matched Numbers As Soon As Possible

The first aim of the game should be to get rid of the matched numbers in your hand as quickly as possible. Let us elaborate on this, especially for the amateurs – if you have a yellow 3, a green 3, or a red 3, your first target will be to get rid of at least 2 of them.

You will have more excellent choices and save time dealing with repetitive cards. This one may seem too easy to be a trick, but this is the most solid game hack you can follow.

This is the easiest yet most effective game strategy to win Uno. It helps to finish the game early and often leaves you in a better position. 

Save the Wild Card Till the End

Wise Uno plates do not use wild cards at the beginning. There may be better ideas than playing the wild card too early.

Many novice players use the wild card too fast to make their opponents feel their strength. But, the same wild cards can help you win the game if they can be preserved until the end. Using the wild cards too early could make you lose the game too early.

Preserve the game until the end; it may be the game-changer. You will surely win if you can keep it until the very end. You should only consider playing the wild card before the end when you see others more likely to win than you have. If that is the case, increase your chance of winning using the wild cards. 

Use the Reverse Card Wisely

Many players use the reverse card at the wrong time. This is another valuable strategy to win the game. Using the reverse card at the wrong time may pave the way for your opponent’s winning.

So, you want to avoid messing up with your own game by using it at the wrong time. When your opponent has only one card left and uses a Wild card, it is a red flag for you to use the reverse card. One wrong move with the reverse cards will make you lose, and the other players will win. 

Play The Same Colour Series at First

The one basic strategy to get rid of your cards quickly is to play the same color cards at the beginning.

This will mitigate plenty of cards right at the beginning. It will also stop the ways for your opponent to win the game.

It breaks down the opponent psychologically to see that you are winning the game too fast.

So, it can be used to defeat other players effectively. In this strategy, you can draw two or skip cards initially. 

Is Uno a skill or luck?

To describe whether is UNO a skill or luck, in the true sense, Uno is both a matter of luck and skill. You cannot win only by luck or only by skill.

Skill is more important for winning the game than luck. But the first deck of cards you get at a random distribution is a matter of luck.

The best thing about Uno is that you can reverse luck by skill. You must stay true to the rules and know how to turn even the most adverse situation in your favor and not ruin the game.

This will come only through practice. It is only by extensive practice over and again in various game situations that you can learn to handle the odds well.

The art is to handle the odds in the games in your favor quickly. 

How Do You Win Uno Every Single Time?

If you genuinely want to Uno every single time, the most critical rule is to follow the game rules every time. If you follow the official UNO game rules all the time and never get tempted to cheat, you will have the best possibility to cheat.

Getting the first combo of cards is a matter of chance, but you can win at all card combinations if you know how to play. Players must always be alert and focus on the color of the cards.

The ultimate long-term goal should be to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible. You cannot win Uno if you don’t keep a look at the other player’s game.

Uno is not only about you playing the cards; it is also about defeating others at the swiftest pace possible. 

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