Teether vs Pacifier: Differences (What’s BETTER?)

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When it comes to choosing the right baby teether or baby pacifier, you might find yourself wondering if there is much of a difference between the two.

If you want to know the comparison of Teethers vs pacifiers for babies, then this is the right post.

There are, however, some key differences that you should know about.

Let’s take a look at just some of the differences that you should know about.

Teether vs pacifier

The main difference between a Teether and a pacifier is that it does not go in the baby’s mouth but rests on its face until needed for use. The Pacifier goes into the baby’s mouth to alleviate pain.

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Teether vs Pacifier Comparison

Teether Pacifier
Material Silicon, Wooden, Rubber, water-filled rubber, plastic, or silicone
Use Teethers are mainly used to relieve discomfort caused by teething Pacifiers are mainly Used to Calm Infant
Softness These are softer as they are made for baby to chew on They are made of soft material and help to stop the baby’s screaming
When to Start Using At 4-7 months of the baby’s age After 4 months

Pacifiers are tools used to calm an infant. Pacifiers have been used for hundreds of years and are usually rubber, plastic, or silicone. 

Some are even made of wood! Pacifiers are an important tool for infants who are teething. 

However, some parents are beginning to believe that teethers are better for their children.

Teethers are tools used to relieve discomfort caused by teething. 

They are usually made of rubber, plastic, or silicone. Some are even made of wood!

If the infant is old enough to handle it, they can put the teether in their mouth themselves.

It is up to the parent to decide what is best for their child.

What are teethers?

Teethers are used for the baby to bite on, chew, and soothe sore gums.

Teethers are usually made of different types of materials. Plastic or rubber teethers, which also have water-filled teethers, are the most common type of Teether.

Teethers are specially designed to help with babies’ experience in their gums when they are cutting teeth.

Teethers are often made of rubber or silicone and are usually in the shape of an animal or some toy. 

Babies usually like to put the teether in their mouth and chew on it to relieve the pain in their gums.

These teethers help relieve the pain so that the baby can go to sleep more easily.

What are Pacifiers?

Pacifiers, also called dummies or soothers, are a baby’s first source of comfort and security.

Pacifiers are also used to soothe sore gums. 

The main thing about pacifiers is that they are only supposed to be used when a baby cries.

They are used to help a baby settle down or fall asleep or to reduce crying.

Pacifiers are not a replacement for your baby’s thumb or finger.

Some babies use the Pacifier to self-soothe when they are in discomfort, when they are stressed, or when they are in pain.

Can a pacifier be used as a Teether?

Pacifiers can be used as teethers, but there are different types of pacifiers for other functions.

You can buy a pacifier to help reduce colic or prevent the baby from putting the whole Pacifier in their mouth and choking on it. 

The only downside to using a pacifier as a Teether is that the baby can become so used to it and need it for sleep.

When to use a Teether for your baby?

Teethers are used when the baby is experiencing pain from teething.

When the gums become tender and begin to swell, it is time for a Teether.

Babies typically start teething between four and seven months; however, some babies do not get their first tooth until one year old.

Teethers can be made of rubber, plastic, or cotton.

When to use a Pacifier for your baby?

You can use pacifiers after the age of four months. This can cause a slowdown in the baby’s development before four months and create an oral aversion.

If a pacifier is introduced too early, it can also lead to dental problems later in life, such as displaced or misaligned teeth.

A pacifier should be used when the baby becomes fussy or fusses while feeding.

This is because it can help to improve milk intake by releasing calming hormones into the blood.

It also helps in decreasing the chances of early weaning.

Teether Pros and Cons


  1. Teethers can soothe the pain from sore gums.
  2. They are made of different types of materials.
  3. Teethers are safe for babies to chew on
  4. Teethers do not go into the baby’s mouth
  5. Teethers help with teething pains in babies


  1. Baby can become so used to it that they need one when sleeping
  2. Can have a lot of germs if not cleaned
  3. The baby can bite down too hard on a Teether and might swallow it, causing choking.
  4. Not all babies like a Teether; some prefer a pacifier because they feel comfortable.

Pacifier Pros and Cons


  1. Some pacifiers are made to help babies with colic, which is why it causes less gas and spit-up
  2. It can cause less fussiness while feeding
  3. They are used to calm the baby when they get fussy or cry
  4. Most babies like having one in their mouth because of the comfort it brings them
  5. It can help with early weaning
  6. Pacifiers help to improve milk intake
  7. It also helps to decrease the chances of early weaning.
  8. They are safe for babies if the child is over four months.


  1. Not all babies like a pacifier; some prefer a Teether because they feel comfort
  2. Sucking on it too much when the baby is over four months old can lead to dental problems when they get older.
  3. Pacifiers can cause parents to replace them more often than a Teether because it goes into the child’s mouth and can become contaminated with bacteria or mold.
  4. The parents should consider the age of their child before giving them a pacifier.

Teether Vs Pacifier: Which is better?

The truth is that both teethers and pacifiers are great for soothing, but each one has its unique benefits.

Finding the right one for your baby is the key to soothing them without damaging their oral health.

The first step is to understand the benefits of both teethers and pacifiers to help you decide.

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Let’s conclude the post on the comparison of Teether vs Pacifier.

Teethers and pacifiers are both used to help comfort babies when their teeth are emerging.

The most common difference between the two is that pacifiers are made to be placed in the child’s mouth, while teethers are more often used by being placed in the mouth of the child and held by them. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed my blog about teethers and pacifiers, and I encourage you to view my other blog posts for more information on other topics!

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