Target Diaper Return Policy + Diaper Exchange Policy

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You may have already bought diaper from Target store and would like to know how to return or exchange that, this is the guide for you.

In this post, you will learn about:

  1. Target’s Diaper Return Policy
  2. Target’s Diaper Exchange Policy

It also includes different criteria like returning or exchanging diaper with or without receipt, if it is opened or it is unopened.

Target Diaper Return and Exchange Policy

Let’s get started to know in detail!

Target Diaper Return Policy

You can return diapers to Target. Before we move into the details and various facets of the process, let us describe the whole story in a nutshell.

Target accepts diapers for return. The only criteria are that you must return it within 90 days of purchase, and a receipt is necessary.

Even if you have lost the receipt, the diaper will be accepted for return within 90 days, and you won’t get a refund without a recipe, only store credit.

The return policy remains the same for online purchases of any Target diapers, but you need to provide the shipping label for return. Now let us dive a bit deeper into the Target Diaper return policy. 

Unopened Diaper and With a Receipt

If you have a receipt for an unopened pack of diapers, a return is as easy as a piece of cake. You must visit the store within 90 days of purchase and return the product for a full refund or exchange.

If you purchased the diapers online, you must produce the shipping label as proof if you want to return them. In this case, as well, the run deadline is 90 days. 

Unopened Diaper and Without Receipt

Target accepts unopened diaper packs without a receipt, but you won’t get a cash refund. The amount will be credited as store credit to you.

That means you have to buy something of the same worth. The return policy for diapers at Target applies to diapers of all brands, including their own.

Instead of store credit, you can also receive Target gift cards of the same worth for future purchases. Mostly, the unopened packs are exchanged instead of being returned for a different size. 

Opened Diaper and With Receipt

Target does not accept open diaper packs for return. Diapers are personal baby care products and have to abide by the health laws of the state government, according to which, once the diaper pack is opened, the sterile seal of the diaper is broken, and it cannot be further used risk-free.

It is not possible for Target to resale this item to any other customer. So, under usual conditions, Target does not accept open diaper packs.

However, they shall accept the opened diaper pack if there is a manufacturing defect. The refund policy, in that case, mainly depends on the store’s discretion. They could either refund the money or value-add the store credit. 

Opened Diaper without Receipt

Opened diapers are not accepted at Target. Whether you have a receipt, the opened diaper packs will not be accepted at the Targets. Some stores may accept the opened packs, but usually, it is not the case.

The policy of returning opened diapers is maintained strictly because Target does not want its customers to come in contact with unprotected soiled diapers.

The diapers of an open pack could be pathogenic and cause harm to the staff or employees. If the size or diaper quality of any Target diaper does not seem appropriate after purchase, you still cannot return any opened diaper packs. 

Target Diaper Exchange Policy

Unopened Diaper and With a Receipt

If you possess the diaper purchase receipt, you can easily exchange the diapers for the same or different brand and for a different size. You have to opt for an exchange within 90 days of purchase.

For both offline and online purchases, the same rule is applicable. You must retain the shipping labels to exchange unopened diaper packs bought online. 

Unopened Diaper and Without Receipt

The unopened diaper packs can be exchanged even without a receipt, but in this case, you won’t get any cash refund, just an exchange. You will get store credit scores or gift cards worth the value without a receipt. 

Opened Diaper and With Receipt

Target does not accept opened diaper packs. Either for a refund or exchange, opened diaper packs are not eligible. Even if you have the receipt for the pack, opened diaper boxes do not qualify for return or exchange within 90 days of purchase.

If there is at all any manufacturing defect or faulty diapers within the pack, the store may accept it. That means the only diaper packs that qualify for return or exchange, even with an opened pack, is the defective diaper, which too totally under the store’s discretion. 

Opened Diaper without Receipt

You cannot exchange any opened diaper pack at Target. Target is one of the most well-known stores in America. Many parents choose Target to purchase diapers at cheap, discounted prices in bulk.

Target does not accept any opened diaper packs. They will not return or exchange the opened diaper packs even if you have a receipt.

In case of any diaper pack that has a manufacturing defect, a refund is possible but probably with a receipt.

In this case, exchanging is the most popular option because you can get diapers of a different brand or different size in exchange to suit your purpose. This is only possible if it is done within 90 days of purchase. 

How long do you have to exchange diapers at Target?

90 days is the deadline for returning or exchanging unopened diaper packs at Target. Within 90 days, you can return unopened diapers boxed with or without a receipt.

The same law applies to both return and exchange. Even if you have purchased the diapers from Target online store, you can still return or exchange the diapers within 90 days, but in that case, you need to produce the shipping label for the online purchase. 

Can I return an opened box of diapers to Target?

No. You cannot return an opened pack of diapers to Target. Under no circumstance will Target accept an opened pack of diapers. If there is any manufacturing defect in the diapers, in that case, the store may accept the opened pack and refund the money.

But that is the only case. Since opened diaper packs cannot be reused and may be soiled with pathogens, Target does not accept opened diaper boxes even if you have the receipt. 

Can I return unopened diapers to Target without a receipt?

Yes, you can. Target accepts unopened diaper boxes within 90 days of purchase. Even if you don’t have a receipt, you can still return the pack to Target if it is not opened.

Without a receipt, you would probably not get a cash refund for the diapers. Instead, you can avail of some store credit of an equal amount or recieve a Target gift card of the same worth. 


Let’s conclude the post on Target’s diaper exchange policy and return policy!

So, whenever you buy a diaper keep an eye on the timeline of purchase as you can return that within 90 days if it is unopened.

And, as I mentioned even if you don’t have a receipt you can still exchange or return your baby’s diapers.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and found it helpful.

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