Rules of Giant Jenga (The GUIDE to Play Step By Step!)

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Giant Jenga is a popular game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The game can be played with 2-6 players. Knowing the rules of the Giant Jenga Game is essential to setting up the tower and playing the game.

Unlike Jenga, Giant Jenga games are usually used outdoors during social events and gatherings.

It is much fun to build a tower with the Bigger Wooden Blocks by stacking them, keeping them steady, playing moves taking turns with strategy and skill, pulling them one by one, and preventing the tower from falling.

What makes the giant Jenga games stand out is the size, of course, since people can see them from different areas to enjoy watching, and they are also easier to maneuver since you can spot the wooden blocks to move.

Rules of Giant Jenga

In this article, we discuss the rules of the Giant Jenga game and generally how to play the game.

Let’s get started!

What Is Giant Jenga?

giant jenga
Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is an extra-large hardwood-made Jenga that can be stacked too high, levels of up to 2 feet or taller.

It is a giant version of the popular game Jenga.

It is played just like the original, but with larger and heavier blocks and a bigger playing area.

Giant Jenga Set can be played by any number of players from 2 to 6, and makes a great choice for party games.

Rules of Giant Jenga

One crucial thing to note about the giant Jenga game is that the rules are similar to the standard smaller versions.

The only difference between the two is the size of the wooden blocks.

Rules of Giant Jenga Infographics
Rules of Giant Jenga Infographics

The rules are as follows:

Rule #1. Remove a block from the Giant Jenga Tower

For each turn, you play, move one wooden block to any level of the blocks’ pile except the levels beneath or the topmost ones.

The players should hold the block with one hand, meaning you should not support the blocks with the other hand when moving as the fun or the purpose of the game is to drop the blocks when trying to move one.

Rule #2. Placing Removed Giant Jenga Block to the Top

For every block you successfully remove from the pile, you should place the block on the top of the tower.

Rule #3. Continue the Giant Jenga Game in turns until the tower collapses

The players should play alternatively until one player drops the blocks and makes the tower collapse.

That player loses the game and the other wins.

These are rules similar to the basic Jenga Rules.

How Do You Stack Giant Jenga Blocks?

To stack giant Jenga blocks, you will need a flat surface on which to build the tower.

Place the first block horizontally on the surface, and then stack the second block on top of it, also horizontally.

Continue this pattern, alternating between horizontal and vertical blocks until your tower is as tall as you want it to be.

Be careful not to make any mistakes or your tower may come crashing down!

How Do I Set up Jumbo Jenga?

  1. First, find a flat surface on where you wish to play the game at.
  2. Then place three blocks next to each other while the wide part faces upwards and make sure the blocks are parallel.
  3. Then place the blocks parallel to each other on other levels, with the one below and above the level.
  4. In most cases, the jumbo Jenga usually consists of 51 wooden blocks, which means you will create a tower w
  5. h 18 levels.

Giant Jenga Winning Tips

If you’re looking to be the king or queen of Giant Jenga, look no further.

Here are some tips to help you win every game:

  1. Pay attention to the other players’ moves. This will help you determine which pieces are most likely to be taken next and make strategic decisions accordingly.
  2. Always go for the easy blocks first.
  3. Think and Choose the right block to remove. You want to remove a block that will not cause the tower to fall, but is difficult for your opponent to replace in the next turn.
  4. Don’t Rush with your move. Try to Keep your tower as stable as possible. The less wobbly it is, the less chance there is of it getting unstable and toppling over.

How Far Down Can You Pull In Jenga?

Honestly, this depends on how keen and great one is in the game.

As long as the players follow the rules of not picking a wooden block from the topmost level, how you master removing the blocks from the lower levels will determine how high the game goes.

How Tall Is a Giant Jenga Tower?

A giant Jenga tower is typically around 3 feet tall. However, some towers can be as tall as 5 feet or more.

Can You Take out Two Blocks in Jenga?

The Jenga game states clearly that each player can only move a single block at a time.

But one can touch multiple blocks to gauge the one that is looser for easy taking out.

Are the Giant Jenga Rules the Same with Dice?

The Jenga Giant game rules are basically the same as the regular Jenga game, except with dice.

With a dice on a Giant Jenga, players still take turns pulling out blocks and stacking them on top, but now they also roll dice to determine how many blocks they can remove from the tower.

The player who causes the tower to fall loses the game.

Moves Not Allowed In Giant Jenga Rule(Don’ts)

While you know the basic rules to play Giant Jenga, you also need to know the dont’s before you play the game.

  1. You cannot take out Giant Jenga blocks from the top level.
  2. You cannot use more than one hand at a time to touch the tower and remove Giant Jenga Blocks.
  3. You cannot displace more than one block in a turn.

Where to Play Giant Jenga?

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play with friends or family, giant Jenga is a great option.

This classic Giant Jenga game is mostly played outdoors in the backyard or in a big area where you will be able to place the oversized Jenga Blocks. 


Let’s conclude the post!

Here are the rules of Giant Jenga:

  1. Remove a block from the Giant Jenga Tower.
  2. Placing Removed Giant Jenga Block to the Top.
  3. Continue the Giant Jenga Game in turns until the tower collapses and the person doing that loses the game.

However, as the Giant Jenga has large-sized blocks, so carefully playing the game as Giant Jenga can be dangerous.

I hope after reading this guide you are well-versed with the Giant Jenga rules.

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