Lego Duplo train set Review and Guide

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The Lego Duplo Train set is an exciting train set and can be very interesting for your child. In this blog, I will go over the features of the Duplo train set and will provide a guide to those looking to buy a train set for their toddler.

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Lego Duplo Train Set Review

The Lego Duplo train is made with the purpose of child development skills in creativity and motor skills. It contains a station, two Duplo characters, a playset, and, most importantly, colored bricks that you can fix anywhere on the track. 

Lego Duplo train set Review

It is durable and easy to operate since one can push or use an app to control it. Reviews show that children were thrilled and had fun playing with the steam train.

This train track from Lego is made of very high-quality plastic material and requires assembly as it has small blocks like other Lego items have. You would get a massive set of numerous pieces to assemble before you begin starting the train. 

It is very much fun and enjoyable for your kids to assemble and play with this train. 

The tracks are well built and are connected well to keep the trains on them. You will also get the bridge’s track, which is elevated and looks beautiful once the engine moves over it.

The most exciting part of the toy Duplo toy train set, which I liked very much, is the engine. It runs on three batteries. You need to keep your batteries in stock to run this train.

You need a screwdriver to open the back of the engine and put in the batteries. Once your track and the engine are set, the Lego Duplo Train is set to run on the tracks.

It also comes with a driver, which you can place in the engine with the train to run with it. You can also adjust the posture of the driver sitting on the engine.

The engine has a great whistling sound like an original toy train and feels excellent.

The fun comes in once you put more engines on the tracks to run simultaneously and switch tracks to have a unique crossing for them.

The material is excellent and would last long, and I like Lego Products.

How does the Duplo Train work?

The Duplo trains are fitted with an element with a combination of a speaker, LED light, train motor, color sensor, and battery in a single unit that makes it work.

The battery slot is well protected with screws to prevent them from falling off.

Also, no wires or unfastened parts are making it safe from breakage.

There are two ways to make it move. First, you can push it either forward or backward. Secondly, you can use an app as a remote control through your device.

There are three characters on the train:

  • The driver
  • An animal figure such as a cat
  • Child figures used for enjoyment and creativity

These characters can be placed on the train through rooftop openings.

Are Lego Duplo Trains good?

Yes, the Lego Duplo Train is good. It inspires language development, good driving skills, and intellectual capability in children between two to five years.

Are all Duplo train tracks compatible?

Both the old tracks and recent Duplo train tracks are compatible with each other since they have not transformed much over the years.

They only differ in colors whereby the old tracks are black while the new ones are grey in color.

How do I fix my Duplo Train?

Duplo trains are easy to fix.

Be careful when removing different parts and make sure they are properly fixed back. 

Ways to fix different parts of the Lego Duplo train:

1. The plastic buttons on the train’s circuit board

Open the train and Remove the wheels but ensure you remember how the gearbox was arranged.

Remove the battery clips and batteries. 

Then use an upward force to Slip out the motor. After that, you remove the micro-switch on the circuit board, connect wires occupied by switches, join them to the board, attach a new button, thread the hole made for the new switch, and attach the switch.

2. Repairing the train engine

Remove the screws from the battery cover, Push to remove the top cover from both the front and the back, fix the engine, and fix the screws of the top cover.

3. Replacing the speaker

Check if the PCB is detached and fix the detached part. If the speaker is broken, replace it with another one.

4. Fixing the engine gear

Remove the screws shown in orange, open the motor block, carefully separate the gear unit parts, remove the motor, and repair. You can put some glue to join the gear to the motor shaft.

Where to buy Lego Duplo Train Set?

Lego Duplo set is available on Amazon and you can find several types of tracks for Lego Duplo Toy train sets.

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Let’s conclude the Lego Duplo Train Set review and guide. 

I highly recommend the Lego Duplo Train set, and you can choose one for your baby. Your child would enjoy this Lego train and assemble the entire system to make the toy train start.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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