How to Sterilize Mam Dummies? {How long to sterilize them?}

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Sterilizing your Mam Dummies is essential for keeping them clean and safe, especially if you will be sharing them between breastfeeding mothers or giving them to a baby to chew on.

If you are not careful, you can easily pass on harmful bacteria to the next person.

It’s essential to know how to sterilize Mam Dummies to be safe to use.

It’s important to sterilize infant pacifiers, bottles, and other items that come into contact with a baby, but it can be a challenge to keep up with the sterilization process.

Mam dummies are made out of silicone, making them easier to clean and sterilize.

We do not have to worry about the material getting damaged by boiling or sterilizing in a microwave.

Sterilizing dummies in the microwave is so much easier than boiling or using the dishwasher. 

Sterilization is a process used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

It involves exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, or radiation, with the intent of destroying all microorganisms on a surface or in an object so that they may be safely used for a purpose without risk of infection.

The most familiar type of sterilization is with a heat-based method, commonly using either dry heat or steam. 

How to Sterilize Mam Dummies

Let’s get started!

Can you sterilize MAM dummies?

Mam dummies or pacifiers can be sterilized like other dummies. Being a silicone-made dummy, it will not have any issue with boiling water sterilization or microwave sterilization process.

There can be several types of sterilization possible for Mam dummies, like boiling water sterilization and sterilization in the microwave.

Why do you need to sterilize Mam Dummies?

You have to do it to be safe because there’s a chance the Mam dummies could be harboring bacteria or fungi.

And it’s not just dummies that need sterilizing: pacifiers, bottles, changing mats, and anything else your baby might be sucking or biting. 

The sterilization of mam dummies is very important because it is not just a toy, and it is a pacifier toy.

It is very important to sterilize mam dummies so that there are no bacteria and germs that can cause sickness and other health problems for your baby.

How to sterilize MAM dummies? (Microwave Method)

MAM baby dummies are very good for the baby to stimulate the baby’s sucking ability, keep the baby’s gums healthy, and help the baby develop a good habit of eating food.

However, many mothers may not know that you can sterilize the MAM baby dummies with the microwave, and it is very convenient and practical. 

Mam dummies can be sterilized by the following steps below:

  1. First, Add 25ml of clean water to the Sterilizer box.
  2. Place the rinsed soothers into the box or case
  3. Set the microwave at 750 to 1000w for about three minutes
  4. Allow them to cool for five minutes
  5. Drain the water and get Mam dummies ready to use

How to sterilize MAM dummies? (Boiling Water Method)

Boiling is the most popular option for sterilizing water.

It is a cheap and easy way to sterilize things such as medical equipment and tools, and it is a reliable method for killing germs.

Similarly, boiling water is excellent to sterilize Mam dummies too. 

Here are the steps for boiling water sterilization for mam dummies:

  1. Boil your dummies for about a minute to sterilize them. Be careful to keep the hot steam away from your skin.
  2. Cool the dummy before giving it to the baby. 

How to sterilize mam dummies without the box?

If you don’t have a box, don’t worry because you can sterilize the dummy by rinsing it in cold water.

Wash it with soap and hot water using a bottle brush. Repeat the rinsing process to obtain optimum results.

The last part is to place them in a saucepan of water and boil for about 5 minutes. 

Can MAM Dummies go in Sterilizer?

MAM dummies can go in the sterilizer to keep them free from germs at all times.

Depending on how the dummies come packaged, some don’t require a separate sterilizer and can easily use a microwave to sterilize.

Dummies are very sensitive and need to be sterilized.

Therefore, they can go in the sterilizer to keep them sterilized.

How long do I sterilize MAM dummies?

Sterilizing Mam dummies with boiling water takes 5-7 mins. Sterilizing using the microwave method takes 3 mins for Mam Dummies.

These are the two most useful sterilization techniques to be used. 


How long do I Sterilize MAM dummies using a microwave?

Mam dummies need to be sterilized for about 3 minutes in the microwave oven at high settings.

How often should dummies be Sterilized?

Dummies should be sterilized each time used and stored in their container when they are not used. This is to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
Once they are sterilized, they will stay for approximately 48 hours. Dummies should not be overused without sterilization. 
It is very important to sterilize the pacifiers because babies usually put them in their mouths. If the pacifiers are not sterilized, there is a chance of getting an infection. 

How long are dummies sterile for?

Dummies remain sterile for 48 hours when kept covered. If it is used and touches the floor surface it does not remain clean anymore.


Let’s conclude the post on how to sterilize mam dummies!

MAM dummies, just like any other toys, need to be sterilized before the baby starts using them.

Many moms wonder how to sterilize MAM dummies, and this is a very common question that we receive in our email inboxes.

We have found a simple solution to this problem. 

The microwave method works well for Mam dummies without any issues.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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