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Even though you might wash the pacifier after every use, you may not be eliminating enough microbes and germs.

The best way to reduce the number of germs on the pacifier is to sterilize it after every use. 

To keep your baby safe from harmful bacteria, it is important to learn how to sterilize bibs and pacifiers and clean them properly.

You have probably seen other people use the dishwasher or boiling water, but know that these do not always work with Bibs Pacifier cleaning. 

How to Sterilize Bibs Pacifiers

Let’s get started!

What are Bibs Pacifiers?

Bibs are a Danish Pacifier brand having experience of more than four decades in this industry. Their range of Pacifiers is known as Bibs pacifiers. The pacifiers are safe, easy to use, easy to clean, and do not contain any toxic materials. 

They are available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. You can also get Pacifiers and Teether products from this company. 

Pacifiers are rubber or silicone nipple-shaped mouthpieces that are inserted into the mouth and used to stop a child from crying and suckling.

Pacifiers (Bibs pacifiers) are used as aids to help wean babies. The pacifier is used to distract the baby from the pain of teething.

How to Sterilize Bibs Pacifiers? 

Let’s clean the pacifiers together! The pacifiers are rather dirty after the little ones have been using them. Let’s empty the pacifiers from the milk and the spit. Here are the steps below:

Step #1: Place Pacifier on a Clean Bowl

Place the pacifiers in a clean bowl, and we are good to start the sterilization process.

Step #2: Pour Boiling Water Over Pacifiers

Pour boiling water over the pacifiers. The pacifiers will sink to the bottom. Use a spoon to stir the water from side to side to make sure all pacifiers are submerged.

Step #3: Wait for Pacifiers to Get Sterilized

Wait for the pacifiers to soak in Boiling Water for 10 mins.

Step #4: Cooling Down

Now remove the Pacifier from the boiling water and place it in another bowl of cold water for 2 minutes. Drain the water from the bowl, and you are done.

Step #6: Dry Pacifiers

Place the pacifiers in a clean towel or Dry baby wipes to get them dry.

Do I need to sterilize the pacifier after every use?

Pacifiers do not need to be sterilized after every use unless it comes in contact with the ground or any item that can cause germ contamination. Cleaning it after every use is a bit overkill.

If there is no visible dirt or other undesirable material, then it’s good to use again.

However, if the pacifier falls to the ground, it needs to be sterilized again before use. Generally, a pacifier would be good to clean once in 15 days.

Keeping your baby’s pacifier clean is important for them to avoid getting sick. Babies can carry harmful bacteria and viruses on their pacifiers, and this can lead to illnesses.

You should also change the pacifier regularly because it can harbor germs that build up over time.

Are Bibs Pacifier Microwave Safe?

Bibs Pacifiers made of Latex or Natural Rubber should not be microwaved or Boiled as increasing the temperature beyond 100 degrees can damage the pacifier material.

The Natural Rubber material is delicate enough to get damaged by excessive heat.

So, it is better to follow the official guidelines by Bibs to clean and sterilize the pacifier.

FAQs on How to Sterilize Bibs Pacifier

Q: Can BIBS pacifiers get mold?

Ans: Bibs Pacifiers can get moldy if not kept clean. Mold is a fungal growth that can grow in moist, humid places. It can grow on materials like fabrics, and it is not harmful if it is not visible. So, sterilizing is the best way to ensure your bibs and pacifiers are clean.

Q: Can I UV sterilize the BIBS pacifier?

Ans: Bibs Pacifier should not be UV sterilized. Bibs Pacifiers made of Latex or natural rubber are very delicate. If UV is sterilized, it can cause damage to the latex material.

Q: Can you boil BIBS dummies?

Ans: You should not boil Bibs dummies. But you can use Boiling water to wash and sterilize it. Boiling the Bibs dummies may cause damage to the pacifier rubber material.

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Let’s conclude the post on how to Sterilize Bibs Pacifiers!

Pacifiers can be contaminated with germs that may cause infection in your baby. It is important to know how to sterilize pacifiers, so they are safe for use properly.

Pacifiers and bibs always seem to be smelly, and they need to be sterilized after every use to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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