How Long Can a 3-Month-Old Baby Sleep Without Eating?

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If you’re a new parent, you might have noticed that some babies need to eat after they wake up while others can go without eating for a few hours.

A baby may seem to be sleeping for a long time without eating, which can be a source of worry for new parents.

But, how long can a 3-month-old baby sleep without eating?

Many parents don’t know that there is a specific schedule that a baby should follow when it comes to sleeping.

Many people also don’t know how long a baby should sleep at night. 

This article will cover the average duration a 3-month old baby can sleep without eating and some tips on making the process a little easier on you and your little one.

How Long Can a 3-Month-Old Baby Sleep Without Eating

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How Long Can a 3-Month-Old Baby Sleep Without Eating?

Newborn babies need to eat every few hours until the age of three months; after this, it is healthy and normal for babies to feed twice or thrice during the night.

Most babies can sleep for five to eight hours without eating by the age of six months, and once they are nine months old, most babies can sleep for ten to twelve hours without food.

A 3-month baby can go without food for three hours during the night; anything beyond this is considered starving and can lead to some complications since the baby’s organs are young and need some nutrients.

So, it is always wise and helpful to have a bedtime feeding routine, a routine that will ensure your 3-month baby gets the best and the required feeding for their growth and health.

Also, it is wise to include your doctor on the best feeding time while keeping in mind that infants can be different; that is why you should not copy your friend’s feeding routine.  

It’s important to talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your baby’s sleep patterns or worried that your baby might be hungry.

Can a 3-month-old sleep through the night without eating?

Newborns won’t sleep through the night without eating. This is because the baby’s organs are young and strong, making the digestion faster, so kids tend to feel hungry faster than older adults.

A two-to-three-month baby can only sleep for six to eight hours without stretches, and that is because they are full. With that being said, most 3- to four-month-old babies should be fed at least twice during the night.

Should a 3-month-old be woken to feed?

According to multiple research projects on child health, babies who like to sleep for a longer time without any stretches should always be awakened to feed for a longer time.

Always wake your kid every four to five hours to eat until they show or record some good weight gain, usually within the first two to three weeks.

It is also wise to understand that not all kids will follow the four-hour sleep cycle; some will extend or wake up before the four-hour cycle.

Always have something light for them accompanied with milk.

Can a 3-month-old sleep 8 hours without eating?

A three-month-old baby can sleep for eight hours, but it is not healthy at all to have your baby sleep for eight hours without eating.

But if your baby has that ability to have a longer sleep, it would be wise and smart to ensure that they eat a well-balanced diet before bedtime.

A good feeding schedule has a four hours cycle.

Can a 3-month-old go 12 hours without eating?

The answer to this is no, babies have a better digestion system than older adults, and in a usual scenario, even a more senior person can’t go for twelve hours without eating.

And if your 3-month-old can do that, you need to see the doctor and discuss a better feeding schedule. 

What should a 3-month-old sleep schedule look like?

A 3-month-old sleeping schedule should have a four-hour sleeping cycle; after every feeding or interaction, they sleep for four to five hours and an hour break of eating.

This can vary depending on your baby’s nature, the comfort of your bed, and the surrounding. 

FAQs on How Long Can a 3-Month-Old Baby Sleep Without Eating

Q : Is a 3 hour nap too long for a 3-month-old?

Ans : 3-hour nap is absolutely fine for a 3-month old. Typically they would take a nap between 1-3 hours.

Q : Should I let my 3 month old sleep as much as he wants?

Ans : A baby taking a 1-3 hours nap is fine, but they should be kept awake after that. They can have 2-3 naps, and if they sleep more during the day, they will remain awake at night.

Q: When can I let my baby sleep through the night without feeding?

Ans: You can let your baby sleep throughout the night without feeding until at least six months of age, and before that, it is not advisable.
It is recommended that you consult a doctor regarding getting your child’s proper sleep schedule.


Let’s conclude the post on how long can a 3-month-old baby sleep without eating. Many parents have a common question, and I hope you got the detailed information now.

A baby’s first year is filled with many changes, and the amount of time that your baby needs to sleep is no different.

However, there’s no reason to worry if your baby is sleeping longer than initially.

This is a normal developmental stage, and you want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your baby as best as you can. 

A 3-month-old baby can sleep without eating for 5 hours at a time, and this is a very long time for an infant to go without eating.

Babies older than three months often start to sleep for longer stretches of time because their bodies are more efficient at digesting food.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Thank you for reading. It was our pleasure to provide this information to you on an interesting and vital topic to parents.

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