What is a Diaper Raffle? Complete Guide(2023)

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Diaper Raffle is a fun ceremony and if you want to know more detail about it and a complete guide to host it this is the right guide.

This post will help you to know all information about it including what is Diaper raffle, what you need for the event, the price, how to host it, and more.

What is a Diaper Raffle

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What is a Diaper Raffle?

The diaper raffle is a fun ceremony where the guests participate in a game involving the exchange of diaper packs. The winner gets a prize. In a true sense, this is a baby shower activity where the guests are invited to participate in helping the new parents or parents handle one of the most significant expenses of their life -the baby’s diapers. 

Buying diapers adds to one of the major expenditures for any new parent. The diaper raffle is a fun way to reduce some of the burdens new parents face for buying diapers. It is more or less like a baby shower captivity ritual – more fun, memorable and exciting. 

Instead of any gift registry, guests are awarded tickets against the diaper packs they bring whenever they arrive at the diaper raffle fun event. Later, a fun competition is held, and the winner gets a prize. 

The diaper raffle is a fun way to help new parents. A baby uses around 3000 diapers every year. The considerable cost of such a massive amount of diapers is difficult for parents to bear. Through the diaper raffle ceremony, the parents get help from their friends and family to tackle the cost of diapers. 

What do I Need for a Diaper Raffle?

The diaper Raffle ceremony is fun and easy, and it is almost like a game. You have to conduct a competition among all the guests who gift diaper packs. Here are some of the essential game elements you shall need to organize for the diaper raffle game:

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets will be given to each guest who attends the events. As soon as the guests arrive with a pack of diapers, they will be given a raffle ticket that will later help in contesting. Raffle tickets are a readily available stationary commodity.

You will get it in almost all the dollar stores or party supply shops. To make the vent cheerful, memorable, and fun, you can get the raffle tickets custom printed. It can contain some insignia, initials, or quotes that match the theme. 

Raffle Bowl

You have to organize a bowl or box where the guests will deposit their raffle tickets. Later, the game can be played among the guests through these tickets.

Make the bowl enjoyable. You can paint it according to the party theme or just decorate it beautifully with the theme of the baby on board or the happy homecoming of the baby.


This one is the crucial part of the diaper raffle ceremony. You have to arrange exciting gifts for the guests. The guests should feel fun and happy when they get the gifts. Some of the popular gift ideas for the diaper raffle ceremony are:

  • Wine bottles
  • Food basket
  • Movie tickets
  • Restaurant passes
  • Home decor products
  • Pet supplies
  • Creative theme gifts
  • Cards and flower
  • Chocolate boxes

The plan is to encourage the guests with the gift list so that they willingly participate in the raffle game. If you have better gifts to offer, the guests will bring more diapers to collect more raffle tickets. Special gifting provisions should be for guests who collect more than one ticket. 

How Much Should a Diaper Raffle Prize be?

Diaper raffle prizes should be exciting. It is the gifts that will attract the guests to the event. Arrange for the gifts according to the guest list.

For example, if your guest list has too many working women, most gifts should be organized for them, like office accessories, totes, sunglasses, and so on. If your guest list comprises homemakers or old retired people, you can include more home decor items in your gift list.

Also, include food and wine for gifs because they are timeless, and almost everyone loves them. You can plan for seasonal fruit baskets. To make the diaper raffle grand and memorable, plan for a small return gift token for everyone who attends the parties.

It could be a small key ring or anything that bears the memories of h event. This will be cute and special. No one should return home empty-handed because they all came to your place with something in their hand. 

How do you announce a diaper raffle?

The best way to announce a diaper raffle is through a meaningful invitation. Use a suitable invitation card when you invite your guests for a diaper raffle. The card should be innovative and beautiful.

It is best to include some diaper raffle tickets in the invitation card. It would be inappropriate to directly state that you kindly bring diaper packs when you attend the vent. Instead, you can use creative poems or rhymes for the invitation. Since the whole event is fun, add elements of humor wherever possible. 

In the invitation card, mention the date, time, and venue accurately. Also, mention the diaper raffle game rules, such as one ticket per pack. The ideal way is to mention the size and brands of diapers you want. In this way, there won’t be any confusion.

Also, include in the invitation card whether you would like any other baby supplies like wipes. To tempt the guests, even more, try to include a gift list in the invitation card. This will ignite the guests’ enthusiasm to participate in the diaper raffle game. 

How to Host a Diaper Raffle?

A diaper raffle is one of the most straightforward parties to host ever. You have to organize everything in advance. There are three pillars for a successful diaper raffle party – the invitation, the raffle game and prizes, and the party setting (decor and food).

We have already discussed the invitation and gifts in the previous section. Let us now discuss the party set that includes decor and food.

The decor of a diaper raffle party must be fun and exciting. You can go with color themes like pink for baby girl and blue for baby boy. 

Food plays a significant role in the success of any party, and so is it here. You can stick to a particular cuisine according to the preference of the majority of the guests. Cocktails and drinks should be adequate. Pay particular importance to the snacks because there must be enough stuff for munching, especially when the games are going on. 

Ensure a large table in the party room to conduct the diaper raffle game. This is imperative because there will be raffle ticket bowls, boxes, and display prizes. 

Bringing Twist to Diaper Raffle

You can bring a twist to the diaper raffle event by including some fun games. Often in a raffle party, many geist bring the same number of diaper packs. In this case, there can be some exciting tie-breaker games. Games such as musical chairs are fun and exciting. You can also play Truth or Dare and games such as Never Have I Ever. These fun games will make the party even more exciting.

The decor, food, and raffle gifts are the elements that will help you curate the best party ever. Though the diaper raffle is meant for the guests to help the parents with the diaper costs, it is much more than that. You can record the whole event to show it later to the baby. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the most popular raffle baskets?

The most popular diaper raffle baskets are food baskets. Food baskets can contain snacks, bakery items like cakes and cookies, and at least one bottle of wine. You can decorate the baskets with flowers. Remember to add some delicious chocolates to the pack.

Another great variant for a raffle basket is a grooming kit raffle basket. Some bath and body essentials from luxury brands are fantastic as gifts. Also, you can add some stress relief aroma therapy candles to the baskets to enhance the aesthetic vibes of the same. With all the baskets, add some cute notes and flowers. 

Q2. What are good cheap raffle prizes?

Here are some of the most incredible yet chap raffle prizes

  • Crockery set: A simple crockery set with basic cutlery is cheap yet a fantastic gift for a raffle party.
  • Tote Bag: Tote bags are a favorite of everyone. People love totes because of their spacious nature. Some cheap local tote bags are a great option.
  • Home Decor Items: Pillows, bedsheets, or a set of both can be affordable for raffle gifting. This is a unisex product, and who does not like a comfy set of the pretty pillow? 

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