Costco Diaper Return+Exchange Policy (Updated 2023!)

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You may already have purchased diapers from Costco and might want to be looking to know in detail about the policies for Return and Exchange there.

In this post, you will find everything you need to know to return a diaper at Costco.

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What is the Costco’s Diaper Return Policy?

Costco offers one of the best diaper return policies. You can even return opened diaper packs at Costco. Opened or unopened diaper packs are returnable at Costco.

Even if the diapers are missing from the pack, they will be accepted for return. The diaper return policy of Costco is quite lenient. But a receipt is mandatory. Costco will accept opened diaper packs, but you have to produce a receipt. 

The diaper return policy of Costco states that diaper packs can be returned at any time for any reason. Several other global retailers do not exhibit this free diaper return policy.

Most retailers do not accept opened diaper packs; sometimes, sealed packs are not exchanged. But Costco is less rigid. Another best part about Costco’s diaper return policy is – you can return the diaper at any time. There is no fixed time (usually for other retailers, 90 days after purchase) for Costco to accept diapers. 

What is included under Costco’s Diaper Return policy, and What’s not?

There are two provisions for the diaper return policy at Costco. You can either return the diapers or opt for a total refund. Also, you can exchange the diapers for another size of the same or a different brand.

Refund and exchange – both options are available at Costco. The only requirement is that – if there is a price gap between what you previously bought and what you have now, you have to make up for the difference. 

Costco does not demand any reason from the customer regarding diaper return. You can return diapers – opened and unopened packs to Costco anytime.

There could be several reasons for diaper return – the fit can be wrong, the brand may be unworthy, or the diapers may need better quality.

In each or all of these cases, Costco will accept the diapers for return or exchange. If unsatisfied with the product, you can return it anytime because Costco is a retail brand with a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. 

In most cases, you must return a diaper with a receipt. This is perhaps the only restriction at Costco.  Purchase receipt of the diapers is essential if you want to return them.

Along with the receipt, in some cases, you may also have to submit your member card details while returning or exchanging. This is a standard policy for all returns at Costco.

With the membership details, even if the receipt is missing, it is easy to find out about your purchase of the diaper. 

Costco is lenient regarding diaper returns, but it maintains an upbeat track of the returns such that no customer can take advantage of the lenient return policy. 

Does Costco allow Returning Diapers without a Receipt?

No, Costco does not allow returning Diapers without a valid receipt. If you are a member of Costco Retail and hold any membership card, the same number will also be tracked when approving the return. A receipt is necessary for returning diapers at Costco. 

Can you return Unopened Diapers?

Yes. You can. Costco accepts unopened diaper packs of all kinds. Just produce the receipt and return the unopened diaper packs. No reason for return is needed.

But you have to compensate for the extra money if there is any difference in price between the packs. 

Can you return Opened Diapers?

Yes. You can return opened diaper packs at Costco. They accept open diaper packs and even diaper packs with diapers missing.

The diaper return policy extends even to the opened diaper packs. You may have picked the wrong size, or the diaper packs need to satisfy your expectations regarding standards.

Whatever the case, Costco will accept the opened packs of diapers. You may use a few of the diapers and then realize that you don’t want to use them, and still, the store will accept the pack. This is a huge advantage.

In most cases, it is difficult to identify the defect in the diaper until you use them. The same problem goes for identifying the wrong size of diapers.

If the customer uses a diaper and it gets missing from the opened diaper packs, then the customer might feel the need to return it. Such cases are no more a concern when the retailer is Costco.

This is one of the most significant advantages when it comes to diaper return policies of Costco. 

Most Costco stores accept diapers with missing diapers. Whereas some may not accept packs with missing diapers, all stores will accept opened diapers.

You need a valid purchase receipt to prove that you bought the diapers. You may have to produce the membership details if you are an existing member. 

Costco’s Diaper Exchange Policy

In this section, you will learn about the different cases for Costco’s diaper exchange policy. Here you will learn about different cases for opened and unopened diapers.

Can you Exchange Unopened Diapers?

Yes. At Costco, you can exchange unopened diapers for any other brand or a different size of the same brand. All you have to do is produce the correct receipt for the purchase.

You do not have to give any reason for the return or exchange.

The exchange process is relatively easy. Costco will exchange the item, but if there is any cash deficit or difference in worth between the previous diapers and those bought now, the customer has to compensate for the amount. 

Can you Exchange already Opened Diapers?

Yes. At Costco, you can return already-opened packs of diapers. The exchange is possible for opened and used diaper packs.

If you have already opened a box, used a diaper, and found out that the size is not a right fit for your kid, you could return the same pack to Costco. They will accept it without any hassles. 

Costco’s Diaper Return Policy Pros and Cons

In this section, I will discuss about the pros and cons of the Costco’s Diaper Return policy and their diaper exchange policy.


  • The most significant advantage of Costco’s diaper return policy is that you do not have to give any reason for the return. Customers can prefer to return the diapers at any time as per their choice. 
  • There is no fixed timing for diaper return. Unlike most retailers with a fixed time limit for returning or exchanging diapers – 90 days, for example, Costco has no fixed time to return the diapers. You can try the diapers any time you want. 
  • The diapers can be returned in open or closed packs. There are no restrictions regarding returning the products. All you need to do is retain the receipt. 


  • You need to produce the receipt to return any diaper pack at Costco. It is only possible to return a Costco diaper pack with a receipt.
  • Costco monitors the returns made by any specific customer. This is done to track that no customer takes any alleged advantage of their return. 


Here are Tips after Purchasing diapers from Costco to get them Returned Hassle Free.

The entire diaper return policy of Costco is hassle-free. There are no special tips to be followed. You can return opened diaper packs to Costco as well.

You need to do nothing special to return a diaper pack at Costco. The only pro tip is to retain the receipt of purchase because, without a receipt, Costco does not accept any returns, be it for opened or unopened diaper packs of the diaper. 

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