Can You Use Two Hands in Jenga? (Must KNOW!)

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When I was playing the game first time, I came to thought can you use two hands in Jenga?

Jenga cannot be played using two hands together. Players are only expected to use one hand to move the wooden block to the upper levels. However, hands can be interchanged when playing the game, when one gets fatigued or if felt the other hand has better balance when removing the blocks to move.

can you use two hands in jenga

Like any other game, some rules govern the Jenga game to ensure the players play fair and quickly identify winners.

One of the rules that Jenga players should follow is that each player can only move the wooden blocks with one hand.

Well, if you are planning for a Jenga tournament with your buddies or workmates and would like to know the basic rules to follow when enjoying the game, we have all this information in this article.

Let’s get started!

What is Jenga?

The Jenga game is a classic block-stacking game that is loved by people of all ages.

The premise of the game is to take turns removing blocks from a tower and stacking them on top, building the tower higher and higher.

However, as the tower gets taller, it becomes more and more unstable, and eventually, the whole thing comes tumbling down.

The player who makes the tower fall loses the game.

While playing, it may be helpful to use two hands to help balance the tower and keep it from falling over.

How Many Hands Can You Use in Jenga?

Players can use both hands when playing the Jenga game, but not together. It depends on when and where they use their hands.

For example, you can alternate the hands when moving the blocks in case one hand gets tired or you want to get a better balance with the other hand.

The players can also touch the blocks with both hands to figure out which wooden block is looser for easy moving.

However, the rule of one-hand use applies when removing the block to arrange on the top levels.

Only a single hand should move the wooden block, and you should not use your hands to support the rest of the blocks when removing this block.

The fun of the game, or to draw to the winning team, is when one drops the blocks when removing that single block.

Can You Use Two Hands in Giant Jenga?

One crucial thing to know about the Jenga game is that the rules apply to all games.

So, whether you are playing with the basic Jenga wooden blocks or using the giant wooden blocks, only a single hand should be used to move the blocks.

Even if the blocks seem to be tumbling down, you should never support the block’s tower with the other hand.

However, you can alternate your hands when moving the wooden blocks or find the loosest wooden block.

Can You Switch Hands in Jenga?

One question that often comes up when playing Jenga is whether or not you can switch hands in the middle of playing the game.

Yes. Players are allowed to alternate their hands when playing the Jenga game.

You can use both hands to test the loosest wooden block from the tower as long you don’t hold the wooden block with both hands to move it.

However, switching hands would not be a good idea for all.

It depends on whether you have good control when you switch and use the other hand of yours.

It may happen that when you switch your hand your balance and efficiency removing the Jenga Block drops and as a result the tower may collapse.

Can You Touch Multiple Blocks in Jenga?

Yes. You can touch multiple blocks to remove a wooden block and support the tumbling tower as long as you only use one hand.

It is also recommendable to touch the Jenga wooden blocks to find the loose one to move.

What Are the Rules of Playing Jenga?

As you just heard about the rule regarding the use of hands in Jenga, similarly there are a lot of rules in Jenga that you need to abide by.

Here are the rules below:

  1. Each player should have their turn to move the blocks
  2. Players should only use a single hand to remove and move the block to the topmost level
  3. Blocks should never be picked from either the lowest level or the top level to move
  4. Players should not support the tumbling tower with the other hand when removing the loose block
  5. Any block that slips from the position mistakenly and is not used should be put back


Let’s conclude the post on whether you can use two hands in Jenga!

Jenga is very fun to play wooden block stacking games where you need to remove one wooden block and stack it on the top to complete your turn.

However, there are several rules which we need to remember while playing games.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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