Can You Separate Kinetic Sand Colors?

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Kinetic Sand is a very popular toy among children.

It sticks together, but you can pull it apart. It’s fun to play with and comes in various vibrant colors. 

It is perfect for any child’s imagination.

Some children like to make different shapes with their kinetic Sand, while others like to use their kinetic Sand to create their artwork.

But if the colors get mixed, can you separate kinetic sand colors?

Can You Separate Kinetic Sand Colors

Let’s get started!

What is Kinetic Sand?

Kinetic Sand is a new innovative play material, the Sand that moves. It’s super soft, moldable, and never dries out! Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% magic. 

It never dries out, so the fun can last forever! Kinetic Sand is so incredible you can pick it up with your hand and move it or use it to make sandcastles. 

Kinetic Sand is made with patented technology that makes it move like an endless flowing stream of Sand.

Kinetic Sand is soft and squeezable and never dries out, so you can clean up easily.

Can you separate Kinetic Sand colors?

If you mix Different colored Kinetic Sand during your play to build a castle or any other sculpture of your choice, then the colors would get mixed. It is not possible to separate Kinetic Sand colors once it gets mixed.

E.g., Let’s work on an example to understand the possible results. Let’s assume that you added Red Kinetic Sand to Blue Kinetic Sand to create a purple Kinetic Sand.

Ultimately, the Sand will turn into a shade of purple and you can create multiple Secondary Colors like Purple, Orange, and Green by following the table given below.

Do Kinetic Sand colors mix?

You may like to play with different Kinetic sand colors and build awesome sculptures as you wish, but it is essential to know what would happen if you mix different colored kinetic sands.

The answer, in short, is, that the different colored kinetic Sand would mix if you combined them during play.

You can mix primary color Kinetic sands to Create Secondary Color Kinetic Sand.

Kinetic Sand Primary Color Kinetic Sand Secondary Colors
1. Red
2. Yellow
3. Blue
1. Orange
2. Purple
3. Green

Color Mix:

Here are the colors you need to mix shown with their final Secondary Color obtained.

  • Orange Color = Red Color + Yellow Color Kinetic Sand
  • Purple Color = Red Color + Blue Color Kinetic Sand
  • Green Color = Blue Color + Yellow Color Kinetic Sand

How many colors of Kinetic Sand are there?

Kinetic Sand is available in many different colors, which are: 

  • Natural Sand Color,
  • Red Color
  • Purple Color,
  • Blue Color,
  • Pink Color,
  • Green Color,
  • Orange Color

How do you change the color of Kinetic Sand?

You can change the color of the kinetic Sand to whatever you wish, and you can revive the mixed-up colored kinetic Sand again.

If you make a DIY Kinetic sand, then you can use food colors to paint your kinetic Sand and have different colored Kinetic sand as you wish.

You can also try mixing some neon and fluorescent color into the kinetic Sand that would make them glow in the dark.

Where to Buy Kinetic Sand?

You can find kinetic Sand at Offline Stores and also online at Amazon.

Here are some great Kinetic sand options:

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Let’s conclude the post!

Once you mix the colors of Kinetic Sand, you cannot go back and separate them.

They will not blend as normal colors and look like different shades, but they would look like a multicolored pattern all at once.

So, you need to take care before you mix different colors of Kinetic Sand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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