Bibs vs Frigg Pacifier: Differences (Which is Better?)

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by Basana Saha

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If you are searching for a good pacifier for your newborn, then you will commonly find Frigg and Bibs brand pacifier pops out everywhere in the store.

If you are looking to know the differences and the specific details to know which would be better for your baby, then this is the right post.

In this article, I will compare the Frigg vs Bibs Pacifier in a detailed manner with all criteria considering their both natural rubber and silicone-made variants available.

Bibs vs Frigg Pacifier

Let’s get started!

Bibs vs Frigg Pacifier Comparison

Frigg PacifierBibs Pacifier
Material UsedNatural Rubber and Silicone Variant are presentHas Both Natural Rubber and Silicone Variants
Phthalates FreeYesYes
Lifespan4-8 weeks of use4-6 weeks of use

Both the Frigg and Bibs pacifier is available in Natural Rubber and Silicone variants available and their design is almost very similar too.

Rubber pacifiers are natural materials as compared to silicone pacifiers and they tend to be more porous and absorb liquids. Silicone pacifiers are more durable and less porous.

Material Quality

The most important thing about a pacifier is that it should be of quality material. If you compare the different pacifiers, both have great material quality.

For Natural Rubber-Made Pacifiers:

Frigg has great Natural rubber-made pacifiers and they are of very good quality. Even, you will find some good natural rubber pacifiers from Bibs.

For Silicone Made Pacifiers:

In case you would like to have a silicone-made pacifier, the material quality used for Bibs and Frigg are both BPA-Free, PVC-Free, and Phthalates-Free and are good to use for babies.

In terms of silicone material, they are very much similar.

Safety considering Pacifier Recall

Both of these designs of Frigg and Bibs Pacifier have a good nipple-like shape to help kids take this pacifier naturally without any issues.

Now, let’s look into whether is there any recall incident that happened this year in 2022 for any of these pacifiers.

As per CSPC Gov Website & Mushie & Co Website, we saw a recall for Frigg Silicone Pacifier due to choking hazards. Around 333,725 units were recalled on Jan 19th, 2022.

Source: From Mushie & Co,

Other than this, there is no other recall incident that happened recently for Bibs and Frigg Pacifier.

Bibs pacifier review

The Bibs pacifier is made from a rubber compound that is soft and comfortable for your baby to hold on to. The pacifier is made from rubber, which is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic material.  It is safe for your baby to hold on to.

They even have silicone pacifier variants and they also come in different sizes as per your baby’s age. The Silicone material used is also safe for baby’s use and they are free from BPA, PVC, or harmful chemicals like Phthalates.

These are also very easy to clean and sterilize. 

It can be used by infants or toddlers. Their pacifiers are made in the USA.

There are different colors and pacifier shape types. You can choose one from the big range available from Bibs.

Bibs Pacifier Pros

  • They are available in three sizes: size one designed for ages 0-6 months babies, size two intended for ages 6-18 months, and size three intended for ages 18-36 months. 
  • The Bibs silicon pacifier shields are made from 100% food-grade material: phthalate, PVC, and BPA-free. 
  • The bib’s pacifier shields have holes in them that allow air to follow freely through when the baby sucks on the pacifier. This helps prevent moisture from trapping on the baby’s skin which can cause rashes and irritation.
  • The bib pacifiers are available in four different nipple types: symmetrical, round latex, anatomical, and silicon. With different nipple varieties, it is easier to find the bib pacifier that the child will prefer.
  • The bib pacifiers are easy to sanitize and clean using boiling water. 
  • The ring on the bib pacifier shield makes it easier for the baby to hold and put in the mouth without any assistance and enables a pacifier clip to be placed, making it easy to be attached to the baby’s clothes or stroller. 
  • The bib’s natural rubber naturally stretches and mimics a woman’s nipple more than the silicone ones.  

Bibs Pacifier Cons

Not much cons. If your baby uses Bibs Pacifier, it can start emitting odor if not cleaned properly. Keep it cleaned and there won’t be any issues.

Frigg pacifier review

The Frigg pacifier is one of the most comfortable pacifiers on the market.  It is made from soft natural rubber, which is a hypoallergenic material.  It is very easy to clean and sterilize.

Even, they have a silicone material pacifier which is made from Pure and Safe silicone material free from any BPA, Phthalates and PVC.

The Frigg pacifiers are designed for the baby’s comfort. Frigg pacifiers are the best choice for babies who are already using a pacifier.  The silicone gel is soft and easy to clean.  The pacifiers are also durable and reusable.

The pacifier is soft and comfortable for your baby.  It is also easy to clean and sterilize.  The pacifier has a flat base that makes it easy to pick up.

The pacifier is designed to fit the contours of your baby’s mouth and has a wide base to help your baby hold on to it.  The pacifier is designed to last and has a long shelf life. 

Frigg Pacifier Pros

  • Prices are kept very competitive
  • The Frigg pacifier shields are made from 100% food-grade material: phthalate, PVC, and BPA-free.
  • The Frigg pacifier nipple is made from silicon and the Rubber one is made of Natural rubber.
  • The design of the Frigg Pacifier is very simple and a good fit for a baby’s use.

Frigg Pacifier Cons

Not Many cons except the recall incident that happened for their Silicone pacifier range.

If your baby uses Frigg’s Pacifier, it can start emitting odor if not cleaned properly. Keep it cleaned and there won’t be any issues.

Which is better between Frigg and Bibs Pacifier?

If you are choosing from the rubber pacifier variants you can choose from either one of them and they are good. For Silicone pacifiers, you may consider the Bibs one.

Also, you will find there are several Bibs pacifier variants available.

Bibs vs Frigg Pacifier FAQs

Q. Are Frigg and Bibs the same?

Ans. Frigg and Bibs Pacifiers are different branded pacifiers. They may look similar but are completely different than one another. 

Q. Are Frigg Pacifiers safe?

Ans. The Frigg Pacifiers are made of Natural rubber material which is safe and also the silicone variants are made of Safe silicone that does not contain any BPA, PVC, or Phthalates.

Q. How long do Frigg pacifiers last?

Frigg pacifier lasts around 4-8 weeks according to the Frigg official. It depends based on the pacifier use.

Q. How long do BIBS pacifiers last?

Bibs pacifiers last for about 4 to 6 weeks as mentioned by Bibs World officials.


Let’s conclude the post on Frigg vs Bibs Pacifiers!

The Frigg pacifier is the best choice for your baby. It is soft, comfortable, easy to clean and sterilize, and safe for your baby to hold on to.

The pacifier is hypoallergenic, durable, reusable, and available in a wide range of sizes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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