Are Wubbanubs Safe? (Know this FIRST!)

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Since the Wubbanub was released onto the market, it has been a popular choice for parents looking for a toy that will soothe their child and promote self-soothing.

With this in mind, many healthcare professionals and experts have begun to question if the Wubbanub is safe for use with infants. So, Are Wubbanubs Safe?

Babies frequently lose their pacifiers, and it becomes an even bigger problem when they’re much older and can’t find them.

Wubbanubs provide a solution to the problem by attaching it to the baby’s pacifier to avoid being lost or dropped on the floor. 

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Are Wubbanubs safe?

Wubbanubs do not contain harmful materials like Phthalate, BPA, or PVC. Also, the pacifier has a medical-grade high-quality silicone material used.

The Wubbanubs confirm the F963-96a and ASTM code, whose requirements ensure the baby is always safe.

The primary role of this code is to establish the safety of a Wubbanub while used on the baby.

This way, you will use it with confidence and assurance that your baby is secure. 

What are Wubbanub Pacifiers?

The Wubbanub is a toy that attaches to a baby’s pacifier to prevent it from being lost or dropped.

The Wubbanub is made of soft plush material, making it easy on babies’ skin when they are being held or cuddled.

They can be used during feeding time, naps, bedtime routines, etc., making them an excellent tool for helping children fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Parents often find Wubbanubs less stressful than traditional pacifiers, and this is because they are easy to clean, durable, and can’t be easily lost.

Since the Wubbanubs are attached to the infant’s clothing or stuffed animal, they will always be near the baby’s mouth.

Are Wubbanubs Safe

What is WubbaNubs for?

Wubbanubs are soft, cuddly animal-shaped toys, typically about 6-7 inches tall. Wubbanubs are for small babies from 0 to six months who do not have teeth.

They are an excellent addition to the pacifier as it has a soft toy attached to them.

The pacifier helps soothe the baby and stops them from crying hands.

The soft toy makes Wabbanubs less prone to get lost and makes a great combo for the babies to play with.

WubbaNubs are products distributed in baby units, NICUs, and hospitals nationwide. It consists of a silicone and medical-grade pacifier.

They are also Phthalate free, PVC, BPA, and non-latex. They ensure they get to produce high-quality and safe products.

With a Wubbanub, mothers get to feed their babies with ease, particularly while in hospitals.

They are simple to use and reliable in offering high-quality services. 

What is the point of a WubbaNub?

A WubbaNub is a soft, cuddly toy that soothes babies and toddlers with a similar stimulus to oral gratification.

It has no purpose other than to be a soothing toy for babies and toddlers. 

Is WubbaNub BPA free?

Wabbanub pacifiers are made with medical-grade silicone with no BPA.

These products are Phthalate, BPA, and latex-free because of their silicone and medical-grade pacifiers.

When buying a pacifier for a baby, it’s vital to find BPA free one. BPA stands for “bisphenol A” and is a chemical used in making plastics.

While BPA is not known to be harmful to adults, it’s very harmful to a baby’s health. 

Since the pacifier is touching the baby’s mouth for extended periods of time, it only makes sense to find one without BPA.

That way, the baby can use the pacifier without worrying whether it is harmful.

Are Wubbanubs safe for teeth?

The Wubbanubs are as safe on teeth as a regular pacifier.

They are orthodontic and are made of a pacifier which makes them safer and has no chances of having any irregularities in teeth.

Are Wubbanubs safe to sleep with?

Babies can safely nap with Wubbanub pacifiers under observed circumstances for a short span of time.

However, Wubbanub Pacifiers are not safe for extended sleep due to the attached plush toy

You can use a general pacifier for extended sleep usage.

If not appropriately placed in the mouth during sleep, the plush toy attached to the pacifier can be a choking hazard for babies. 

Pros and Cons of Wubbanub Pacifier 

Wubbanubs are a pacifier that has a toy attached to the end. They are sometimes used for babies who may be too young to use a regular pacifier with their natural sucking reflexes.

Though there are a lot of pros to Wubbanub Pacifier:

  • Wubbanubs Pacifier helps to soothe babies and prevent them from crying
  • Wubbanubs help baby to sleep quickly
  • The plush toy attached to it prevents Wubbanubs from getting lost.
  • The Plush toy makes it much more interesting for a baby than a regular pacifier
  • They are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC-free, making them a safe toy for kids.
  • It helps keep the pacifier near the baby’s mouth and removes the need for any additional Pacifier clips.
  • The pacifier attached is Orthodontic and would not cause any issue to your baby’s teeth.

There are several cons of the Wubbanub pacifier:

  • Difficult to clean as Plush toy is attached to the pacifier
  • Many Wubbanubs do not have an option to detach the pacifier from the Plush toy attachment.

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Let’s conclude the post on, are Wubbanubs safe!

Wubbanub Pacifier is an excellent pacifier for babies and toddlers with a stuffed animal attached.

They are a safe and effective product that can be used in combination with getting your child to sleep on their back.

Parents who struggle to get their children to sleep and use pacifiers should consider using Wubbanubs.

The Wubbanub is a safe and effective way to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep peacefully.

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