Are Nerf Guns Dangerous? (Know this FIRST!)

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Although Nerf Guns look like a gun but are toy guns, the bullets or darts used as a refill to these guns are made of foam.

We have already heard about several incidents of getting hurt by Nerf guns.

In this post, I will also cover the precautions you can take while playing with your Nerf Gun.
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So, Are Nerf guns dangerous? Nerf Guns are not dangerous in most cases and are safe for usage from 8 years and above considering protective eyewear with other safety precautions are followed while playing.

Many parents worry about their kids and the dangers of toy guns, but they forget that harmless toys can be dangerous too if not used properly or hit accidentally.

Note: There can be a case of injury if the Nerf Darts hit the eye or face.

So, it is better to follow the safety precautions and not aim anywhere near the face.

Are Nerf Guns Dangerous

What are the dangers associated with Nerf Guns? 

Nerf guns are not toys that pose a real danger, but the darts can cause severe pain and injury if they hit the eye.

Medical Experts advise precautions when playing with them. 

Eye Injury from Nerf Gun

The danger posed by Nerf guns is the potential for eye injury.

The plastic darts used by Nerf guns do not shoot out of the gun with much force, but they can still cause eye injuries. 

The reason they can cause eye injuries is because of their small size.

These darts are made to penetrate the skin and other materials. 

Therefore, the small darts used by Nerf guns can still create serious injuries if they hit the eye.

There have been a few incidents where children have been treated in the hospital for injuries sustained while playing with Nerf guns, including one case where a child got injured. 

Although eye injuries are rare, it is important to be aware of them and take all necessary safety precautions while playing with these toys.

What to do if Nerf Gun was shot at your eye?

Don’t take any other advice in this case. You should go to the doctor as soon as possible. They will examine your eye and give you the treatment that is required.

Some injuries might require immediate surgery, so you should not waste any time and get treatment as soon as possible.

Safety Precautions while playing with Nerf Guns

Here are the safety precautions which you need to make your kids follow while playing with Nerf Guns:

1. Do not aim the gun at anyone in particular

Accidents can happen even when you are not trying to hurt someone. Make sure that you point the gun away from anyone.

2. Always wear safety goggles

Safety Goggles protect your eye from any external injury.

The darts used by Nerf guns can cause eye injuries, and wearing goggles will help protect your eyes.

3. Avoid shooting the darts at your face or head

You must not point your gun at someone’s face.

You could accidentally miss and hit your face or head with a Nerf dart.

So, make sure that you avoid these areas while playing with this toy gun.

4. Always buy the recommended age group for your Nerf gun.

There is a recommended age group for every nerf product and other toys.

The recommended Nerf guns are more suited for playing with than those meant for people younger or older than your age group.

You need to follow the recommended age mentioned by Nerf to avoid risks.

5. Make sure that the gun is not loaded before you check it

It is important to check a Nerf gun to see if it is loaded or not.

It might seem like an obvious tip, but there have been many incidents where people were injured while playing with an unloaded gun.

6. Keep your Nerf guns away from children.

This toy gun should only be played with by kids who know how to use them safely.

Keeping it away from children younger or older than the age group of your gun will prevent fatal injuries since they might not understand the danger involved.

7. Store your Nerf Gun in a safe place

If you have more than one gun, make sure they are all stored separately.

This is important because if you get a hold of someone else’s gun, there will be no way to determine which one it is.

8. Choose the right darts

Avoid using steel tip darts when using your Nerf gun.

These can pierce through skin and hard materials.

Make sure that you use softer tips that are made for Nerf guns.

How can you prevent shooting injuries?

Children can practice shooting different items such as cans or bottles.

They can set up targets in the yard and practice shooting them.

It is essential to keep the gun pointed at a safe place and avoid pointing it at someone.


Let’s conclude the post on our Nerf Guns dangerous!

Nerf Guns are fun to play with, but if you don’t follow the basic safety precaution, it may cause danger in a few scenarios.

So, it is better to get educated beforehand and follow the safety guidelines while playing with a Nerf Gun.

If your child plays with this toy then do a training session with him/her teaching all the precautions needed to follow.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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