Are Nerf Bullets Universal? (Compatibility with BLASTERS)

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Nerf Dart Bullets are an essential component for whichever Nerf Gun you use. 

But before you choose a Nerf Dart Bullets, you need to know the compatibility with your Nerf Blaster model.

In this post, I will discuss whether the Nerf Bullets are universal!

Let’s get started!

Are nerf bullets universal?

Yes, they’re universal. But not all nerf bullets are created equal, and you should only buy the ones intended to be used with a nerf blaster.

are nerf bullets universal

Nerf guns are known for their wide selection of ammunition types and for shooting these rounds at high velocities. 

This means that many shooters like the versatility of Nerf guns.

But keep in mind that there are some differences when using different types of bullets.

This is because each option has its own set of materials, dimensions, and weights, which will affect the performance of your blaster.

What are the different types of Nerf bullets?

Elite bullets: 

These are the standard rounds of every nerf gun.

Elite bullets are also known as darts, and elite dart sizes vary depending on the model and brand of your gun.

Mega bullets: 

These are bigger and heavier than the standard Elite darts. They were made for use in large-sized guns.

Some of these bullets even have whistles, glow-in-the-dark effects, or other features added to them

Micro Darts: 

These bullets are the smallest and thinnest of the lot.

They come in varying colors, which can include glow-in-the-dark effects.

They are used for Elite guns with a magazine capacity of over 20 rounds.


These non-firing bullets were developed to be used with AccuStrike blasters or modified Nerf guns.

X-Shot Darts:

These darts were made specifically for the X-Shot line of toy guns.

They are bigger than standard Elite bullets but smaller than Mega bullets.

Zombie Strike Darts: 

The Zombie Strike line of ammo was used with a variety of toy guns and blasters that can shoot foam bullets.

Do all Nerf bullets fit all guns?

Yes, they do. In most cases, you will find that the bullets are compatible with all Nerf guns.

You need to know what technologies and designs the toy gun have so you can correctly match the dart specs.

The only exception is when your gun has an electronic firing mechanism.

Nerf Bullet Type with Nerf Gun Compatibility

Mega bullets: 

Most Nerf guns are compatible with these bullets.

They are bigger than and generally heavier than Elite bullets, so you will need to make sure the gun has a magazine of some sort to use them.

Micro darts:

 A few Nerf blasters can use Micro darts.

However, most players would find using these in their guns awkward.

AccuStrike/HyperFire darts: 

These darts are used in electronic firing mechanisms, and they can only be fired with this type of Nerf gun in some cases.

X-Shot darts: 

Most Nerf guns can’t use X-Shot darts.

If you have an X-Shot gun, you will only be able to use these bullets in that particular gun.

The Zombie Strike dart sets are the most compatible with certain Nerf guns.

FAQs on Are Nerf bullets universal

Q. Which is the most compatible Nerf Dart Bullet?

This depends on your gun and its compatibility. However, you can easily tell if a bullet is compatible with your blaster.
If it’s not, you can ask the staff at the store where you bought your toy to help you find the best accessories.

Q. Can you use normal Nerf bullets in Nerf Ultra?

No, they won’t fit in the magazine nicely. They also won’t fit in the blaster because the mag opening is narrow, and you may get a pinch or jamming.

Q. Do Xshot bullets fit Nerf guns?

Yes, all Xshot bullets can be used with most Nerf guns. However, your gun has to have a bit of internal space to fit some of them into the barrel of the gun.
Some guns have internal space for more than 8 bullets, especially Elite darts, and Mega ones.

Q. Are Adventure Force Dart Bullets compatible with Nerf Guns?

Yes, all darts of the same brand (Adventure Force) will fit in most Nerf guns.
However, if you want to use only AccuStrike/Hyperfire bullets for your gun, you may want to buy a separate accessory.

Q. Are Xshot bullets better than Elite Darts?

There are no differences between the two types of pellets. They both shoot equally far and slow, and the only difference is that Xshot darts are slightly shorter than Elite ones.
Some may have different dart head shapes, but they don’t make any significant differences.


Let’s conclude the post on our nerf bullets universal!

A Nerf Dart bullet is designed to be shot out of a Nerf gun.

However, there are modifications that can be made so that the bullet can be shot out of other Nerf guns.

You can check the bullet specification if they are made specifically for a Nerf Blaster.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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