Are Jenga Blocks Eco Friendly? (Know THIS First!)

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by Basana Saha

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Jenga is a popular game played worldwide with very simple yet interesting rules.

There are a lot of different types of games you can play with Jenga. 

There has been a recent push for more eco-friendly toys and games.

This is great news for parents who want to make sure they are not harming the environment with the products they buy for their children.

Jenga is one game that has been deemed eco-friendly.

So, Are Jenga Blocks Eco-Friendly? Jenga is considered to be eco-friendly because the blocks are made of wood.

Being a wooden material, the Jenga blocks can be recycled easily and is bio-degradable.

Also, Jenga Ocean Game is made from 25m of recycled nets which is showing how eco-friendly material is being used in the Jenga blocks.

Are Jenga Blocks Eco Friendly

Let’s get started!

What is Jenga?

Jenga is a game that involves stacking wooden blocks in a tower and is popular worldwide.

The game aims to remove blocks from a tower and place them on top, one at a time, without toppling the tower.

Jenga can be played by two or more players.

These can be played from 6 years and above. Kids, teenagers, and adults all can enjoy playing Jenga.

The player who removes the block that causes the tower to fall loses the game.

What are Jenga blocks made of?

The game of Jenga is made up of Alder wood which is hardwood and has 54 wooden blocks. 

What does being Eco-friendly mean?

One way a Game or a toy is Eco friendly is that they are made from environment-friendly and recyclable materials. 

This means that the materials used to make the toy can be replaced or reused without damaging the environment. 

Are Jenga blocks recyclable?

Wooden Jenga Blocks

Jenga blocks are made of wood material which is a recyclable material and is easily degradable too.

So, the Jenga Blocks are an environment-friendly option and are easily recyclable.

Jenga Ocean

Jenga Ocean is made up of fishing nets from the Ocean.

The fishing nets which are disposed of in the ocean are taken and recycled to make eco-friendly material for the Jenga Ocean.

Fishing nets from the ocean are collected, shredded, and finally melted to form the raw material for the Jenga blocks in form of pellets.

Then these pellets are molded to form the perfect shape and size of the Jenga blocks.

Jenga Ocean is an awesome Jenga set and is very much helping in reducing ocean waste by creating an awesome recycled product.

Are all Jenga Blocks Eco Friendly?

Jenga Blocks is made of wood and Ocean net which is their other eco-friendly product. They can be recycled easily.

Also, the Jenga Ocean is made from a Recycled fishing net from the Ocean.

Plastic Jenga Blocks are not eco-friendly.


Let’s conclude the post on our Jenga Blocks Eco-friendly!

Jenga is an eco-friendly game because it is made of natural materials that can be recycled.

It is also a fun game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

I hope you will consider purchasing a Jenga set for your next family gathering.

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