Are Diaper Blowouts Normal? How to prevent it up the back?

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If your baby has recently had a diaper blowout, then don’t worry as it is normal among the baby. Though there are many things you need to know in detail about it.

In this post, I will discuss more detail whether are diaper blowouts Normal, how you can clean them, how you can prevent diaper blowouts, and more information.

Are Diaper Blowouts Normal

This is written from my own experience caring child. This does not contain any medical advice.

Let’s get started to know more!

Are Diaper Blowouts Normal?

Yes. Diaper Blowouts are quite normal among babies. The primary cause of a diaper blowout is not changing the diaper repeatedly throughout the day. Wearing the same diaper for a prolonged period can cause diaper blowouts among babies.

The urine and excreta accumulate in the diaper for a long time due to not changing them frequently. The diaper gets heavy by swelling and causes one of the most uncomfortable situations for the baby – diaper blowouts. Various reasons are responsible for diaper blowouts.

The extent and irritation resulting from a diaper blowout can vary significantly based on the child’s age, physical stature, the amount of urine or fecal matter that accumulates, and even the design and fit of the diaper. 

How to Identify Diaper Blowouts Every Time?

To change the diaper at the proper time and keep the baby away from discomfort, it is essential to identify the blowouts as quickly as possible and change the diaper immediately. 

The best way to identify diaper blowouts is by examining the diaper externally after every few minutes. If this is inconvenient, then go for wetness indicator diapers.

These diapers change color whenever they get wet. So, without touching the baby or the diaper, diaper blowouts can be easily detected by visual examination.

If you want to be more efficient, try to follow the pattern of poop timings in your baby. This can be a crucial way to know when to check the diaper and change it if needed. 

Is it Normal for a Baby to have Blowouts Every Day?

No. It is not normal for any baby to have diaper blowouts every day. If that is happening, ensure that you consult with the pediatrician.

Despite using the right diaper size ad fit for your baby and using the best brands that have maximum absorbance, diaper blowouts never seem to leave your baby, it is time to frown and have a wink. 

Too much diaper blowout can be indicative of various other disorders like diarrhea.

Maybe the food intake of the baby is excess. There may be other causes as well. One of them is improper diet. Children do not have the same digestive power as us.

Their food habits are different; the doctor usually suggests a diet chart accordingly. However, the diet may go wrong some days or even the quantity.

Or, it could be nothing of these and a simple sleep in the wrong posture causing the blowout. Step 1 of diaper blowout prevention is observation and identification of the cause. 

Why Does My Baby Have so Many Blowouts?

Multiple reasons may be causing diaper blowouts for your baby:

1. Incorrect diaper size: Consider your baby’s age, stature, weight, and overall physical growth while choosing diapers. Always check the weight and age recommendations on the product label. 

2. Inappropriate diaper fit for the baby: Ensure that whenever you buy any diaper, it is mandatory to check one of its kind as a trial. If it works well, only then purchases more quantities of the same brand. Otherwise, avoid it. 

3. Not wearing proper clothes (size and fit are not appropriate)

4. Not satisfactory diaper brand

5. Maybe you are not trained to hold the poopy diaper properly. Pressing the poopy diaper against the baby’s skin repeatedly is one of the major causes of diaper blowouts. 

At What Age do Babies have Blowouts?

Diaper blowouts occur in babies in the age group of 1 to 8 weeks. It is common in the first year of a baby’s life.

During this time, babies are yet to develop their digestive power, and it becomes difficult for them to adjust to the food.

With the changing eating patterns, just after weaning, when the kid starts consuming semi-solid food, diaper blowouts become a very common affair. It continues mostly throughout the first year and is nothing to get worried or tensed about.

During this phase, the baby is mostly dependent on liquid and semi-solid food, and the poop remains runny, which causes frequent blowouts.

Once the diet changes and solid food is introduced into the baby’s diet plan, diaper blowouts become infrequent because the poop gets solid. 

Is a Blowout Considered Diarrhea?

No. a diaper blowout is not always diarrhea. However, it may indicate diarrhea. Diaper blowouts are common in kids and happen for many reasons, many of which are not even physiological.

However, if you observe irregular patterns of poop or excessively runny fecal matter in a diaper blowout, it is always better to consult a pediatrician. Also, observe the frequency of diaper blowouts.

If a baby has blowouts throughout the day and for a prolonged period at a stretch, it may indicate diarrhea. 

When do Diaper Blowouts Stop?

Diaper blowouts stop after the first year of the baby’s life. Specifically, diaper blowouts stop when solid food is introduced into the baby’s diet.

When the kid switches from breast milk and semi-solid food to solid food, the texture of the fecal matter changes, and they get solid, at this age, the diaper blowouts stop automatically.

This is a normal situation explained. At times, diaper blowouts can persist if the child is suffering from digestive disorders or diarrhea. 

How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts Up the Back?

Here are some tips to prevent diaper blowouts and also stay away from diaper leakages:

1. Secure the Diaper in Place:

Most of the time, parents are unaware that the diaper does not sit properly.

Putting on the diaper in a hurry can lead to several problems, one of which is the improper setting that causes leakages and blowouts.

Babies move rapidly, so if you don’t secure the diaper in place, they may get displaced.

Check the legs and corners when securing a diaper and endure that the diaper fit is great. Also, wrap the cuffs around properly. 

2. Choose the Right Size:

Every diaper pack has a certain age and weight recommendations on the label.

Do not ignore the information. That diaper is best fit only for the age group that is recommended.

It is not a one fit for all model. Your baby will always have diaper blowouts if you choose the wrong size.

Apart from the size and fit, also pay attention to the absorbance capacity of the diaper.

The clean and dry diaper variants are better.

3. Changing the Diaper:

Your baby will continue facing diaper blowouts if the wet diaper is not changed within time. The wet diaper will not be able to hold any more pee or poop.

One of the many reasons for frequent diaper blowouts is that it gets wet ad cannot hold more.

Always change the diaper before and after short naps or long sleep.

During mealtime, if the kid poops, change the diaper immediately.

Try to use diapers with a wetness indicator because it is easy to identify the fullness in these and change them rapidly.

Do not ignore wet diapers because keeping them on for a long can cause diseases in babies

How to Clean a Diaper Blowout?

Now that your baby has already spoilt those amazing clothes with a diaper blowout, it is time for a cleanup. This part is super fussy, especially for new moms, but you need persistence and patience.

Here are some quick tips for cleaning up a diaper blowout:

1. Bathing the Baby:

This depends upon the intensity of the blowout. If your baby is already poop-covered and has messed it up all (which is the case most of the time), you have no other option other than bathing the baby, even at night.

Take off the clothes and scrub the baby gently with soap and water.

2. Using Wipes:

Baby wipes are handy during such situations. Using baby wipes can save your day, especially in public places.

When you are out with the baby, be ultra-conscious about checking the diaper, because you would probably want to get things in place before your little one turns into a fussy and poopy kid.

Even when using wipes, wash the genitals properly once you have reached home.

The pro tip is never to leave diaper blowouts as it is for a long time, this can cause infections and other health concerns in your kid. 

What is the Best Diaper to Prevent Blowouts? 

The best diapers to prevent diaper blowouts would be those meant for the weight and age of your baby. 5 best brands of diapers that can save your day from blowouts, owing to their unique texture and super absorbent formulas, are:

  • Pampers Baby Dry
  • Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diapers
  • Babygabics Ultra Absorbant Baby Diapers
  • Fisher Price Diapers
  • Bamboo Nature Diapers

What is the Best Leak-Proof Diaper?

If you have a newborn at home and you are just not getting enough sleep, here are some of the diaper options you can surely check out:

  • Pampers Swaddler for the newborns
  • Huggies Little Movers Diapers for active babies
  • Pampers Pure Protection for babies with sensitive skin
  • Honest Company Overnight Diapers for night-long protection


Let’s conclude the post on are diaper blowouts normal!

I hope this post helped you in understanding diaper blowout. Thanks for reading.

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