Alternatives for Crayola Color Wonder Paper

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Color Wonder Paper is a unique, new way to let kids play with coloring and creativity.

It is a special type of paper that doesn’t allow colors to be seen until it is rubbed with the Color Wonder Color Brush.

It is completely washable and doesn’t stain, so it’s safe for kids to use again and again.

It is designed to be a fun, creative, and educational experience for your kids. 

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What is Crayola Color Wonder Paper?

Crayola Color Wonder Paper is a type of paper designed for children to use with Crayola markers and crayons.

The ink on the markers and crayons will not show up outside of the paper, meaning that the child can color without worrying about making a mess.

You need to use a Crayola Color Wonder Marker with the paper to achieve this.

Alternatives for Crayola Color Wonder Paper

Alternatives for Crayola Color Wonder Paper

This is an excellent product for kids who like to color but mess with traditional coloring books. However, a couple of alternatives may work better for you.

Wax paper is an excellent alternative to Crayola Color Wonder Paper because it is affordable and easy to find.

It also works with most types of markers and crayons. 

LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablets have emerged, and most even come on a budget. You can consider one as an alternative for Crayola Color Wonder paper. Here, the drawings would be digital, which makes the thing mess-free.

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NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper

Nuun is another brand having a similar Mess Free Paper, and it can be called the closest alternative to the Crayola Color Wonder Paper.

The NuFun comes with 50, 100, and 200 mess-free sheet options from which you can choose one. These are a cheaper alternative and are mess-free. The color would only appear on the paper and not outside.

The NuFun Papers are of good quality, and you would love to use this product.

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Wax paper

Wax paper is a thin layer of paper coated with paraffin wax. It is made for the specific purpose of protecting food from air exposure. Wax paper is cheap, easy to use, and requires no special storage. It is also an ideal material for protecting food from air exposure.

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People have been using fabric for drawing for many years.

Fabric works particularly well because it absorbs the ink from the marker or crayon so that you can treat it like a coloring page.

You can even get special markers made especially to use on fabric! 

This can be called a creative alternative. It can be challenging, but it would add a skill if your kid practices painting on clothes.

Do color Wonder markers work on regular paper?

Yes, the ink on Crayola Color Wonder markers will show on regular paper.

However, you should be aware that the ink can sometimes transfer to other surfaces if it is not appropriately blotted. 

Is Color Wonder paper recyclable?

Crayola does not recommend recycling Color Wonder Paper, as the special coating on the paper can interfere with the recycling process.

However, if you are determined to recycle your Color Wonder Paper, you can contact your local recycling center to see if they will accept it.

What size is Color wonder paper?

Crayola Color Wonder Paper comes in the standard A4 size, 8.5 inches by 11 inches. 

How does color wonder magic paper work? 

The special coating on Crayola Color Wonder Paper causes the ink from Crayola markers and crayons to disappear.

The ink is specifically designed to work with the paper and will not show up on any other surface.


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Crayola Color Wonder Paper is a fun way to use your Crayola markers and keep them from making your walls and toys colorful in your house.

Still, if you’re not a fan of paper, you can also use plastic tablecloths, wrapping paper, or even wax paper.

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